Kindly be advised we cannot cancel subscriptions or issue refunds on the forum.
You may cancel your Bitdefender subscription from Bitdefender Central or by contacting Customer Support at:

Thank you for your understanding.

How do refunds work


I have had lots of problems with Bitdefender menus so have given up on it, this is another.

I remember seeing something explaining how it worked but can'y find it now. I did a request to cancel ( Open ticket: 1008589850 ) at 8:40 euopean time. Having worked for US bank in the Uk I am aware of time differences so remember NY wanted lunchtime meetings as we were leaving for the day :) So as I assume the support is coming from US they will get back to me later today.

Again I note no helpful information so I am left hanging, I hate that. Nice to see how fast this is processed, maybe it will come as a surprise as my PC says no AV present or similar. I saw something on uninstalling (just windows I think) so will give that a go. I have an android device (part) covered so assume I just un-cover it ? Please add that to the non existent guide.

Good old automated message - Thank you for contacting Bitdefender Customer Care. This is an automated reply to confirm that we have received your request, and that we are working on resolving your issue(s) as promptly as possible. Your assigned ticket number is 1008589850 . We advise that you keep this reference number in a safe place for further tracking/follow-up.

I know it would take a coupls of hours work but consider having a related message and some guidance as to timeframe. Just to say if a refund add refunds are paid... when refunded licence will be revoked... or you can uninstall now ? go on, give it a try.

Well I now sit and wait, hopefully Big Green will remove any residuals windows misses.


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  • I found the 5 working days bit now, just below the 'refund' button which takes you away from that whan clicked.

    I will await my refund but wary of uninstalling as may lose access to this forum and be unable to contact support by mail as then no longer have the app on the PC.

    So- if I uninstall now will the process just continue on and one day a refund arrives ? Money is going to charity now anyway, partly to prove a point and partly as MSF can use it. Favourite medics, first in last out wherever needed.

  • Flexx

    To cancel your subscription or get a refund have a look at below stated link provided by bitdefender support

    Alternatively, you can contact the bitdefender support by visiting and scroll down to the bottom of the webpage where you can get in touch with support representative either by email, chat or over a call.

    Regarding refund, you can also drop an email to

    The support team will reply back to your query within next 24-48 hours excluding weekends.


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  • Saw the first link, the one that tells you what happens below the do it button, I will e-mail and wit till they return next week to read it.

    On a related issue. I am trying to remove this rubbish from my wife's PC (you will not now I am tired and angry) and was directed here. Our survey says naaaaaaa.

    Does not work the bit below does not appear. I think it wants to sign in as admin on the laptop, how would I do that then ? So frustrating, I was initially unimpressed but would recommend to others on that basis, now just avoid as with McAfee. One of those cobbled together systems (not all coded by you) that works when it works but don't try anything else.

    To install on the laptop it sent a mail, silly me to uninstall I thought it would send another, that would require some effort on their part though.

    HELP me het this off my wife's laptop PLEASE.....

    Off to calm down no not good for my blood pressure at my age.

  • Thought I had posted the above comment but it hadn't.

    In the meantime I found this Basically (don't use android myself) normal uninstall app should do it ? So I will try and remove it from the section as below then my wife can just do a 'standard' uninstall.

    I assume I can uninstall from mine as well. There isn't an uninstall as such, perhaps a secret one ? Do I just bin it like the remote one ?

  • Irony ?

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    Kindly perform below steps & see if this helps you in anyway (for PC)

    1) Uninstall the bitdefender product with add/ remove programs option in windows

    2) To remove the remaining files download and run Bitdefender product uninstaller:

    3) Restart PC in safe mode:

    4) As soon as desktop opens, assuming your windows drive is C, open below things in run (windows icon + R) command one by one :

    C:\Program Files (delete any folder with name bitdefender)

    C:\Program Files (x86) (delete any folder with name bitdefender)

    C:\ProgramData (delete any folder with name bitdefender)

    C:\Users\{your pc name}\AppData\Local (delete any folder with name bitdefender)

    5) Open run command again and run below command one by one :

    temp ,delete all the files in the folder

    %temp% ,delete all the files in folder

    prefetch ,delete all the files in folder

    6) Open registry editor through run command (windows icon + R) and then type regedit. Once registry editor opens, click on edit -> find, make sure to tick mark match whole strings only. Type bitdefender in search box and click find next. If any file or folder under name of bitdefender is found, delete it. Continue searching the registry and deleting until the search will report no registry keys found.

    7) Restart your PC in general mode by unticking the option that you selected to run the system in safe mode and then click apply.

    8) Remove devices from online bitdefender central:

    If issue persists,

    Generate bitdefender BDsysLog:

    Generate bitdefender support tool logs:

    Generate bitdefender connectivity logs:

    Share the logs & your query with bitdefender support team by dropping them an email at

    If the generated logs are larger in size, you can upload the logs to google drive or (7days link validity for free users) or ask the support team to provide you with the online link & password of bitdefender cloud where you can upload the logs and share the upload link with the support team.

    The support team will reply back to your query within next 24-48 hours excluding weekends.


    Life happens, Coffee helps!

    Show your Attitude, when you reach that Altitude!

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  • Thanks Flexx, one of the aspects of removing such embedded things as AV programs, all the same, is the idea that someone should be messing with the registry and such. Hopefully that won't be needed.

    I have been searching and think that I just need to go to BD Central and select my wife's laptop and click the bin, I would have done an explanatory option dropdown at this point as scared to hit Bin as no idea if it will do it now or what. I read it will 'remove' BD from the laptop, sadly doesen't say how so I have to assume I get another e-mail to send to her to do the uninstall ? Maybe it just removes it here and she does an uninstall herself, who can say ? Android seems 'cleaner' than windows in this respect, no idea as I don't use it hence the hesitation.

    I did get the what can we do to keep you message as I expected. Someting to add (at the beginning of the reply, learned that on a course say what you want first then explain) to say refund being processed as I assume it is and they aren't waiting for a confirmation. Just something to think about, a small thing and most wouldn't notice.

    Really there is nothing in it as regards protection and price so the USP is how user friendly it is. By that I don't mean childishly like Google, 'stand aside you don't need to know, let me do that' but with good info and explanations as you go rather than having to find them. An Av works for me I don't work for it :)

    You are lucky to have a responsive forum like this to help so thanks again, you really really tried to sort this out but too late I think. Like the head of sony said, once it goes wrong you spend all your time looking for the next fault. Time I got on with what I was doing before I started this I think.