Bitdefender firewall no longer works and it keeps turning off after the latest update


I just updated my Bitdefender to version and it required me to restart my Windows 10 PC. After I did that, I noticed that the BD firewall toggle was off, so I turned it back on but still it didn't work. I tried to close BD and start it again, but the firewall still toggles itself off again.

I checked Windows Firewall and it was actually on instead of BD's firewall, so I turned it off to see if BD would work again this way, but nope, it wouldn't turn on at all.

I reinstalled BD, and the firewall actually worked this time, but as soon as I updated again to the latest version, the same issue occurred; the firewall no longer works in the latest version for me.

Shutting down my PC and restarting also didn't help. The issue is only resolved when I don't update to the latest version.