Bitdefender settings say connect VPN at startup. Why does it keep asking to start VPN?

I use Bitdefender on a Windows 11 desktop. Settings are configured to start VPN when Windows loads, but I frequently (not always) get a popup after a cold boot asking if I want to start VPN.



  • Scott
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    edited August 2023

    Hi @richwms

    And you do confirm that option is still enabled during those times on a cold boot, that it hasn't disabled itself?

    And you're not talking about Auto-connect, just for the app to load at startup, correct?

    This is a newer one to me, so I don't know of any helpful tip to offer, and since it's sporadic, I would contact Support from the link below. Go through the How To's & Troubleshooting/VPN prompts until reach the black Contact Support box. You will have three options, Chat, email and phone support, which is not toll-free. Chat can be the quickest way to get things started. They may need to have you send some log files to try to find the cause.

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