Firewall reset again

On Windows 11.

Out of the blue I notice an app I blocked from accessing the network was online... I proceeded to block it and investigate. EVERY SINGLE entry was gone and completely reset. This has happened before but far enough apart where I kinda blew it off to a glitch... WTH is going on? Those were a lot of frickin entries to suddenly have to do it all over again... Does Bitdefender at least keep a backup of these settings somewhere? WHY does this keep happening????????



  • Hello @adam1972,

    I think logs might be required for troubleshooting. I would recommend the following:

    Create a debug log on your PC using Bitdefender Support Tool. The Bitdefender Support Tool utility is used by the Bitdefender support team to diagnose and troubleshoot Bitdefender installation failures or product issues on Windows computers. Follow the steps from the below article and submit the log to our Technical Support teams for further investigation:

    I hope the information is helpful.



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