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How to disable bitdefender autopilot ?



It constantly warns on the main screen that the password is weak, install password protection. How do I cancel the warnings?

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  • Scott
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    Hi @osmandemi

    What you need to do is, from the bottom left corner, Settings, disable these two options.

    Then on the Dashboard, click through all the notifications/recommendations, to View details, to Learn more (without actually installing anything), to Enable it without actually enabling it, but X-ing out of it, which will appease Autopilot until you get to this point below. You can then go back and disable a feature you may not want enabled, in my case, Profiles, which I do manually, individually as needed.

    The background Vulnerability scan will at times bring to your attention a recommendation or need for you to review in that Autopilot panel, just go through the same steps to help clear that notification.

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  • Bulldog

    This is not a best answer. The poster asked "How to disable Bitdefender autopilot?" and you replied with how to clear the notifications. The notifications will come back, unless AutoPilot is disabled, as the poster asked.

  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Bulldog,

    The short answer is that Autopilot cannot be disabled completely. However, some recommendations notifications can be disabled. Here's a longer discussion about the autopilot feature plus an insight on its future development:



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  • nik140660

    Hello! My Bitdefender free autopilot showed a message that it is ready for installation. I clicked remind me later. What should I do in this case?