How to disable bitdefender autopilot ?


It constantly warns on the main screen that the password is weak, install password protection. How do I cancel the warnings?

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    Hi @osmandemi

    What you need to do is, from the bottom left corner, Settings, disable these two options.

    Then on the Dashboard, click through all the notifications/recommendations, to View details, to Learn more (without actually installing anything), to Enable it without actually enabling it, but X-ing out of it, which will appease Autopilot until you get to this point below. You can then go back and disable a feature you may not want enabled, in my case, Profiles, which I do manually, individually as needed.

    The background Vulnerability scan will at times bring to your attention a recommendation or need for you to review in that Autopilot panel, just go through the same steps to help clear that notification.

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