Add an extra password: To stop workaround from unsafe flagged webpages

I am really interested in a password that needs to be typed in (no autofill) for the worst case I start to open a website / page that is flagged as unsafe by bitdefener.

This additional password is "actually nonsense" it just schould waste some time until I start to think and turn my "brain-mental-awake" mode on.

After I entered the pin / password / key (even some random numbers) the time frame should be enough) to think twice and not just ignore the warning and continue.

This is a real world example from last week that had some severe very negative affects for local police department, my bank, a well-established logistics company, an eStore provider and my mobile carrier.

I am interested in reading your thoughts on this idea. :-)

In best cast it is just tiny button located in section "settings".