Password Manager Assessment


I have to say i have been using Bitdefender for as long as I can remember. I bought a Family Bundle a decade or more ago and have used for 15+ devices since then. The Password Manager is making me think it may be time to move on. I was fine with the wallet and am not sure why we felt the need to end it. It served my needs and if other people needed something more robust then why not add Manager instead of replacing wallet? ( because wallet was free?) When the autofill box comes up it invariably sits directly on top of the field to be filled and I can no longer see it or check the password. I know all i have to do is click the x to close it but why am i required to do that? And sometimes I want it up but not right in the middle of everything. Also the nature of Password Manager is too complex for something so simple. The transition from Wallet to Manager was FAR too complicated. Save and copy .csv file? Felt like i was back in the 90s and If you don't know about these things it must be a major pain. I don't like it. I will likely stop paying for it and just use Google. You took something easy and made it hard and I know i am not the only one who thinks so.


  • ZJ

    Totaly agree with Jim.

    Stop forcing people to use new product that does not even work properly.

    If you remove wallet from your Security Products it will force me also to search for another Total Security Solution.

    We don't want your Password Manager.

    Leave us the Wallet as it is and sell Password Manager to who ever wants it.

  • RetepH

    Totally agree with both. I have a been a longtime user, I have a Family Pack subscription until Sept 2025 and in our family we have users with different wallets. It all works well. But the new Password Manager only allows one Vault thus if I export and import my family's wallets into one Vault, we will ALL have access to every members banks, logins etc etc. An absoulte FAIL in protecting privacy and security. YES, they have realised the issue and now have a Password Manager Shared Plan (for 4 users) - but guess what that then is AN EXTRA expense. Surely, a Family Pack License should flow through to a Password Manager Shared Plan.