How do I turn off the VPN but not uninstall it.

I don't want to uninstall it. I want it to stay off when I turn it off and come back on when I turn it on. It messes up so much and the fixes? Please! I don't have 6 hours to fool with them and they probably won't fix anything anyway. Bitedefender you are hired help; you are not a member of the family. Know your place. You are an appliance. You like a lock on my front door. I decide when it's locked not the company who made the doorknob.


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    Kindly have a look at below stated link:

    1) To disconnect or reconnect, read the part in above stated link where it mentions "Connecting to VPN"

    2) To disable the automatic launching of Bitdefender VPN on system start, navigate to the section that says Settings -> General (and disable the option that reads "Open on startup").

    This should resolve your issue.


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  • Hello @fineRHINO and welcome to the Community!

    All customers that use one of the Bitdefender home security suites also benefit from 200 Mb/day of free VPN encrypted traffic, therefore the app needs to be installed so the customer can utilize the full functionality of the product they choose.

    All Bitdefender apps are easily removable via standard platform specific mechanisms (eg for Windows, go to Programs & Features). If you do not wish to uninstall the VPN app, you can follow the steps described by @Flexx to disable the automatic launching of Bitdefender VPN, from the Autoconnect settings.

    To add here, you can also turn off all VPN related notifications from Settings -> Notifications -> disable 'Allow notifications'.

    I hope the information is helpful.


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