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How to entirely disable pointless notifications like "Suspicious Connection Blocked"?


I've disabled pretty much all notification settings for Bitdefender on my computer. Yet still I keep getting notifications from it like "Suspicious Connection Blocked".

Specifically I have the following settings disabled in BD Total Security app (on win11):

-special offers

-recommendation notifications

And in Windows notifications settings the notifications master switch is disabled.

Are there any other settings I can disable, so Bitdefender would stop bothering me about tasks that I literally pay BD to take care of so I don't have to?


  • Gjoksi


    Open your Bitdefender program and go to:

    1. Settings -> General and disable "Special offers" and "Recommendation notifications" (for the "Password Manager" notification)

    2. Protection -> Antivirus -> Settings -> Scan flash drives and select "Autoscan" or "Disabled", do not select "Ask every time" (for the "USB Immunizer Recommendation" notification)

    3. Protection -> Antivirus -> Settings -> Scan CD & DVD and select "Autoscan" or "Disabled", do not select "Ask every time" (for the "CD/DVD Recommendation" notification)

    4. Privacy -> Safepay -> Settings and disable "Safepay notifications"

    5. Privacy -> Video & Audio Protection -> Settings and disable "Notify when allowed applications connect to the webcam", "Notify when an application tries to access the microphone" and "Notify when browsers access the microphone"

    6. Utilities -> Profiles -> Settings and disable "Activate profiles automatically" (for the Profile notification)

    After doing that, in the future no pop-up notifications will be displayed in the lower right corner of your screen.

    REMEMBER: When a threat is detected, a pop-up notification will be displayed in the lower right corner of your screen and you can't disable those pop-up notifications.

    Next, as an option to fully disable the Bitdefender alerts and pop-ups, open your Bitdefender program, go to Utilities -> Profiles -> Settings and enable/activate "Work Profile" or "Game Profile".

    When "Work Profile" or "Game Profile" is enabled/activated, all Bitdefender alerts and pop-ups are disabled.

    Finally, as for the Bitdefender VPN pop-ups, you can simply uninstall Bitdefender VPN from your device by following the steps provided here (just select "Bitdefender VPN"):


    open the Bitdefender VPN program, go to Settings -> Notifications and disable "Allow notifications".

    It is recommended that you also review the privacy preferences set in your Bitdefender Central account:

    1. On any internet-connected device launch a web browser, visit and sign in to your Bitdefender Central account.

    2. Click on your username in the top right corner and select "Bitdefender Account" in the menu. This option will launch in a new browser tab.

    3. Access the "Data & Privacy" tab, then click on the "Privacy preferences" section.

    4. Uncheck both boxes to stop promotional messages:

    - Receive in product insights regarding threats, news, and offers.

    - Receive insights regarding threats, news, and offers via email.


  • Flexx
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    You can also have a look at below stated website


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  • Alexandru_BD
    Alexandru_BD admin
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    To add here, the fact that various types of notifications were suppressed does not mean that the product will no longer communicate operation or detection issues, and they are not exactly pointless. There are still many situations where the user must be aware of what is happening. The step-by-step guide above addresses this type of notification and provides instructions on how to find the culprit and disable such notifications. Should you wish to disable this protection layer entirely (not a recommended action), you can turn off the Encrypted web scan feature located in the Online Threat Prevention module settings.


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  • pwaksman
    edited November 2023

    Why in the world, one of the forum admin, answer most of topics related to notification span with "disable the module". WTF? disable the module is not even an option. If one disables the module, it is better off to not buy any antivirus solution at all.

    The only thing people want it is to not have popups, that is it, any sort of intrusive annoying popup that Bitdefender have made the effort to build their own popup system to make sure people can't disable it.

    at least if it was using windows built in popup system, we can disable it in windows.

    Them, they make 20 different configurations for different popups spread all over place, instead of being centralized in notification center, and still have some that are impossible to be disabled. Like the "important update in being installed" and "suspicious connection blocked" that are just impossible to disable.

  • Alexandru_BD

    @pwaksman I didn't suggest to disable the entire security module, it's just a part of the Online Threat Prevention module that has an option to disable it for a reason, so the toggle is there and Encrypted web scan can be turned off at least temporarily, until the root cause is found. As it can be noticed, this was not my first suggestion and I have explicitly mentioned that it is not a recommended action and the first step would be to consult this article. This feature was known to return multiple notifications in a very short period of time while enabled and these would steal focus when they are popping up in the lower corner of the screen. Changes have been applied to improve this behavior and the frequency of pop-ups, whenever a detection occurs, has been reduced considerably.

    Like I said, even if some notifications are turned off, this doesn't mean the antivirus will no longer communicate operation or detection issues. As a matter of fact, most of the in-product notifications can be disabled, but not the ones related to the security of the device. If you turn those off, it would be like driving your car in winter with all the safety systems off and no abs.

    There is a split for the notifications and for this reason they cannot be disabled at the flick of a single switch, because each notification has its separate flow and reacts to different triggers. Because of this there are separate buttons for recommendation notifications, offers, safepay, vpn, etc and this strategy also offers more customization options, rather than having a single kill-switch for everything. Maybe some users wish to keep some of them enabled, while others don't want to be bothered at all. So I think we need to take this into account, not everyone dislikes notifications and some users are actually finding these helpful.


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  • The constant suspicious connection blocked message popups from Bitdefender that steal my focus and interrupt what I am doing are unnecessary and annoying. Please give an option to turn them off without disabling the protection. Like most of your customers, I want the protection, but I do not want the annoying popups messages. Please fix that or I will have to look for a better product that does not rob my productivity with constant pop up messages.