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    This is really strange.


    Any explanation on this matter?


  • Hello @sofiso,

    It could be the cookies that may affect how the landing page is displayed. Clearing cookies can fix many page display problems and errors, resetting your web browser to its default settings. So, if you've previously accessed a link for a Bitdefender offer, then clicked another one shortly after, the cookies may interfere with the price displayed there. It's also important to know the source of the link, did you access the website directly or did you click on a discount offered in the product or in Central, or from your inbox? Additionally, many web browsers offer Incognito mode also known as private or anonymous browsing. Incognito browsing blocks websites from placing cookies on your system, so you may try this to display the info accurately.

    The current price displayed for me when I access the website is €34.99 for a Total Security subscription (5 devices, 1 year), but these are likely to change soon, as Black Friday is approaching and there will be unique deals as usual for most Bitdefender home user solutions.