Alerts on apps accessing the network

When Bitdefender shows an alert that an "app has changed and is trying to access the network", what good do you think that message is doing in providing us enough info to think with?!?

If an app has just been updated, can BD not confirm it was an update from known update servers?

Is it really too difficult to write some code - or have AI do it - so that a handshake between the app and an update server gets identified as just that (and only that), at least for the 5 or 8 most popular browsers?

The cryptic alerts you provide users do nothing more than scare us - and at best annoy us - because YOU don't seem to know enough about them to provide us ANY insights as to what is going on.

It's basically saying "We're warning you about a potential threat or security breach, but that's all we're doing. We're of no further value to you than a warning unless you dig further on your own."

Give us a better understanding of what is happening. It might just reflect on your brand in a positive way, too.


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  • Hello @BitDefendMe and thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

    If you are refering to the Alert Mode notifications, on the forum we have previously received the suggestion to display the full path and adjustments have been made accordingly. When hovering, the entire path will be visible and 'view application' will take you directly to the folder with the application, within the selected file. However, in the event the file is set as hidden, then you will not be able to select the file. If the file is not hidden and the path is still unavailable, then this would indeed require a closer look and the Support engineers can help you with that.