Account Privacy - Android app - feature issue - 'solve' not working


When I scan for leaked data for my email address, it gives a list of past and current user data leaks related to my email address.

I have changed all my passwords a long time ago, I can mark them as solved one by one (which is tedious, but ok)

My problem is that, there are 8 items that no matter how many times I try I cannot mark those as solved.

I have tried clearing app cache, rebooting my phone. But that looks like dynamic data as all the other entries were cleared just fine.

Can someone help me?




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    What I can make out here is that, though the Bitdefender app did give you a scan result of your email that might have been leaked in data breaches and advised you to change your password, that does not mean it will stop showing you the alert. What I can figure out is that your email is part of a breach, and Bitdefender will inform you again and again because it only scans for emails that have been found in data breaches. However, it cannot remove them from the data breach servers. So, at first, it advised you to change the password, and you have done so; you are safe despite Bitdefender showing the email again and again in the breach.

    @Alexandru_BD, @Mike_BD, @agozob anything to add here.


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  • Hi,

    Just to confirm, it is possible that the data from those applications is present in databases of stolen data that are still circulating on the net, if you changed our passwords and secured your accounts using 2FA where possible, you should be safe, however, this will appear in future account privacy scans.