Rushed ahead without reading install instructions....*did I mess things up?*

Jake R
edited November 2023 in Enterprise Security

Business network installation (server and workstations).

Downloaded the application and placed the download in a shared folder on my network.

Executed the download file on a workstation, then ran a malware scan.

While the scan was running, I logged into other wrkstns and the server and used the same installation download that had been placed in a shared folder. I *did not* create installation packages from the console.

Have I created any issue in doing this?

I can see all computers and server on the console, but I am unsure if I have inadvertently limited the full potential of the software.

Any thoughts on this , other than measure twice and cut once?


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  • Andrei_S Enterprise
    Andrei_S Enterprise Business Support Manager BD Staff
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    Hello @Jake R ,

    There is no issue with the way you have deployed the software, there will be no limitation for you.

    There are multiple ways to deploy the agent on software one is how you did it, another one is by generating an installation package from the console.

    Kind Regards