Cannot log into Bitdefender on Windows 10

Hey there,

About a couple months ago I reset my Windows 10 computer, after which I wished to reinstall Bitdefender Total Security. I downloaded the .exe file through Bitdefender Central, executed the file, everything went correctly, until I was met with the login screen: I could not proceed after entering my e-mail, the "continue" button simply did not work.

I have received no error message and researching the issue online did not yield any results. I then attempted to reinstall the software several times, changing browsers (Brave, Firefox and Chrome), and the issue still persisted. At this point I have tried a dozen times without a single change.

The official help page also doesn't load past a couple clicks, so I can't really use it. Again, I tried in a couple browsers with the same results.

Couple details that may or may not be of use:

  • There are currently 6/10 machines using Bitdefender services, so the issue is unlikely to come from that.
  • I managed to login with a Google account and use it for a month, hoping the issue would eventually fix itself but it doesn't seem to be the case.

tl;dr: login process past e-mail doesn't work, rendering the service basically useless on the whole machine.