How licensing is working if I have Linux Workstation ?



I'm looking to buy GravityZone Small Business Security licenses for my linux workstations via your website.

I see that I can only have 30% of my license seats for linux (aka "servers"), what if my workstations are only linux ?

Do I need to switch to another type of license ?

Thank you


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  • Andrei_S Enterprise
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    Hello @kevinremoue ,

    GravityZone Small Business Security covers servers and desktops. Servers should account for less than 30% of total units - you can acquire a minimum of 1 seat at once (max 1 server or 1 workstation).

    To better understand the server limitation, for 2 servers for example, you would be required to acquire 4 seats (2 servers + 2 workstations) and for 3 servers, you would be required to acquire 7 seats (3 servers + 4 workstations).

     If you have a large number of Linux machines, we recommend you to take a look at our MSP product

     Under a Monthly Subscription Plan system, you only pay for what you use, and there will be no maximum percentage out of the total number of license seats. You can use how many servers (Linux or windows servers) you want, without needing to meet a minimum set of total number of license seats. The machines will re-license every month.

    More details about this can be found here: 

    The MSP system is usually provided through a Bitdefender partner, who can also assist with configuring your network. You can find a Bitdefender MSP partner in our below Partner Locator portal: 

     Please make sure you filter the partners by: MSP.

     Kind Regards!