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Dear Bitdefender ,

I've been using Bitdefender Internet Security on my desktop, and it has proven to be highly effective. I am here because of my client wordpress issue.

My client's WordPress website is hosted on a shared hosting platform. Unfortunately, the website has utilized several free plugins, some of which have introduced viruses that are causing harm. Like the following ReactJS plugin introduces viruses on our website.

[link removed by admin]

It's been observed that these viruses can sometimes originate from other sites within the shared hosting environment.

I'm aware that Bitdefender doesn't offer a specific WordPress plugin, but I'm wondering if they provide any support or recommendations for WordPress virus protection plugins.


  • Hello @Root SAM,

    Bitdefender can only block the websites on which there is malicious content, but cannot actually protect the websites themselves. It seems more like an issue that wordpress should address, in my opinion..

    If anyone else wishes to share their input, please do. Perhaps @garioch7 can jump in here and provide some advice. 😁



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  • It means that there is no solution for my client website

  • Not sure about this. I mean, the antivirus can't really help there, but perhaps there are other solutions available that I'm unaware of..

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  • garioch7
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    @Alexandru_BD ,

    I have no substantial expertise or suggestions to offer with respect to website development and security. When I did have my own website, I had a subscription to a security product that scanned my website daily for threats and provided weekly reports. I cannot remember the name of the product, but I am certain that Mr. Google could assist.

    That is just one hit searching "website security products."

    I am sorry that I am not able to be of more assistance. Have a great day.



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