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Open the password manager and all it is is a link to its partner on BD Central. Follow that and it gives you links to download browser extensions. There's no password management here! The only place they're accessible sort of is on the cell phone ap. I'm not sure if this manager isn't making organizing my passwords worse or not.

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  • Ok here's my suggestion. Let me see my login and passwords in the password manager, not just a couple links. I'd expect a little more management than an almost bare webpage. Right now I can't login and I can't see what the logins and passwords I'm trying are so I don't know what i'm actually trying to enter. I want them secure, but not from me. Did you guys get the government to design this webpage?

  • BTW i'm going to miss a college entrance and scholarship tutorial because this is so poorly designed. Its one of those things where it has logged the password so i presumably used this to login and now it doesn't work. I paid for this damned program to sort out these issues! My notebook and a pencil worked better than this!