Suspicious web page detected

A website we run is being flagged as "Suspicious web page detected" in BitDefender

I've scanned it with other online malware tools and there's nothing wrong been detected. The source code has been checked with Imunify too and it's clean.

How do I get more information on the reason for BitDefender flagging it?


  • Hello,

    Here you can find more information on this type of detection. The “Suspicious connection blocked” notification is triggered by Bitdefender’s Online Threat Prevention module (Encrypted web scan) whenever there is an attempt to access an HTTPS domain that has security certificate issues.



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  • pau1phi11ips
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    Thanks for the reply. There is nothing wrong with the SSL cert though. I've just renewed it for another 3 months and it's still the same.

    Checking in DevTools, there is definitely no strange external scripts being attempted to load.

    "The page [link removed by admin] has been detected with suspicious activity. It is not recommended to continue browsing this website."

    The error isn't triggered by any other of our sites using LetsEncrypt SSL certs. It's a bit bizarre.

  • Hi,

    I could access the page without any warnings on my end. Does the detection still happen for you? If yes, I'm assuming a false positive and you can report an incorrect detection to the Bitdefender Labs using the form below:

    Once confirmed, false alarms are corrected within hours.



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  • Yes, I'm still getting it. I just triggered a manual update to Bitdefender and still the same.

    It was reported by one of our customers, I didn't use Bitdefender before.

    Thanks for the help though. I've submitted the false positive.