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Second post on this topic, no response yet. The BD password manager is just a few links to browser extentions. There is no sort of management other than that. When I set up a new password it automatically puts in something like account with no username as my username. I would like to go into password manager to update my username but all it is is a couple browser extension links. This program is less than functional. Can someone respond to me this time please? I think BD should have my contact info here.


  • Hello @josh2934,

    Kindly be advised you have reached the Bitdefender Community / forum, thus your contact information is not publicly displayed here. Should you require specific assistance with your Password Manager, you can get in touch with the Bitdefender Support teams using this link.

    The Password Manager only saves the info from the website or app you have accessed, or suggests a strong password. The management bit happens in the website itself, that's where you can change your username and password.



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  • I think the original poster is saying he would like to see an improved user interface. I would also like to see that. Other password managers are more user-friendly. For instance, others will allow me to open an interface that is large (sized like a browser window), also an interface that allows a person to view and work with their entire collection of passwords; this allows us to do a better job, a faster job. Currently, if I open the interface and do something, when I immedidately return to the password manager I might have to scroll back down to my selection and re-open that entry and that is time consuming and frustrating. It's my biggest complaint and the reason I will likely migrate to another password manager. It would also be nicer if a person could have more than one vault of passwords, for the same price.

    The password manager is effective and I believe it is secure. However, it lacks user-friendly features that are available in other password managers.

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    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. It's much appreciated. 👍️

    I personally agree with you, the app could use some improvements and speaking of this, I can share a small insight with you. Bitdefender Password Manager is actually going through a major overhaul and we may see the multiple users version included in some multi-device antivirus packages in the near future, along with some UI improvements. On this forum, we have previously received the suggestion to allow Password Manager in full screen view, however, this hasn't been implemented yet, and I think the main reason is that some considerable changes to the interface are already on the roadmap. Since its launch, the developers received consistent feedback on these pages and they will put it to good use.

    We don't have an ETA on the enhancements and for the moment, the Shared Plan would be the only option to secure passwords for multiple users. The Bitdefender portfolio is also being revised, there are many ideas on the table, but I cannot expand on them right now.

    Note: I would kindly advise you to change your username and remove the email address for privacy reasons, since this is a public forum, after all. 🙂

    Thank you once again for jumping in.



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    I am happy to hear of the impending upgrade of the BD Password Manager. I do use it for Safepay when visiting bank sites, but I use a competing product for storing all of my other passwords. That dedicated product has a very good GUI and lots of features. I would happily migrate to BD Password Manager for all of my password needs if and when it becomes far more capable.

    Just my two cents. Have a great day.



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