How Bitdefender Antivirus Cause Issues with Games on my Mac, have anyone any Idea about it?


There are a lot of issues that arise when I install new games, not every time, but I won't tell never. Why does this happen, when I disable Bitdefender, the game starts running fine. Is there any way to resolve such issues permanently?


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  • Alexandru_BD


    To add a bit of context here, Bitdefender's Advanced Threat Defense module might mistakenly identify certain game files or processes as threats, leading to false positive detections, especially if those perform threat-like actions. This can result in the game being blocked or its functionality being impaired. Certain games may use techniques or technologies that ATD perceives as potentially malicious, such as anti-cheat systems or DRM mechanisms. This can trigger security alerts or actions from ATD, impacting the game's operation. If setting exceptions for the game files and .exe doesn't help, you can forward a sample to the Bitdefender Labs for analysis and they can correct the possible false positive detection within a couple of hours. You can use the form available at this link.



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