How safe is my data and how is it handled when allowing Digital Identity Protection access?

How safe is my data and how is it handled when allowing Bitdefender's Digital Identity Protection tool access to my e-mail inbox for the "Data monitoring -> Monitor your inbox" feature?

Is any of my e-mail information stored on your servers? Is it shared with third parties? What kind of encryption is used to guard it?


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    Using your e-mail address and phone number, Digital Identity Protection first searches for sensitive information in public records to start mapping your digital footprint. The service correlates all pieces of information linked to your identity and reveals names, gender, DOB, email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, usernames, jobs, education, URLs, photos that are linked to your public identity. You can visualize all your information publicly exposed over the years. The system also looks for more than 100 categories of data linked to your identity, such as e-mail, passwords, SSN, credit cards, travel documents, and phone numbers. The service is not storing and processing the data, it's displaying only the reference that the data exists in the data breach. For each data breach and possible impersonation, DIP provides clear actions to reduce the risks such as changing the password.

    After the onboarding, the system gathers pieces of information linked to your public identity and checks whether it has been exposed in a data breach or on the public Internet. The users get instant alerts if personal information is exposed. Bitdefender will monitor your email address only. (you can login to the portal to review if you can add additional information for monitoring purposes).

    The below document explains the personal data collected by Bitdefender, how and where they may use it, how they protect it, who has access to it, with whom they share it, and how you may correct it (refer to chapter 7.6 for Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection):

    For more information on Digital Identity Protection you can visit this article:

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for that answer, but I'm referring to the Monitor your inbox feature which gives Bitdefender access to read all of my email data and filter through it to find all of the domains I've ever interacted with and give me the option to request the deletion of my data stored on each of this domains through the Digital Indetity Protection tool.

    Giving Bitdefender access to the entirety of my inbox seems like a huge deal and I'd really like to know that all of my data is safe when doing it.