Issues with BD locking up Keyboard after scan

I have been using BD now for over six years and never once have dealt with this issue before.

Everytime my scan starts and I am not using my keyboard ( IE Watching movies/tv shows steaming) My Keyboard will no longer be responsive and I have to unplug and replug it back in. Same story when I get up in the morning and go to my PC, the keyboard is locked up and I have to unplug/replug it back in.

I have made sure scans were set to high and auto, along with testing this out on different systems in our hours ( Four other pc's with the same issues ) Different Keyboard, etc. When I uninstall BD and clear the reg for all of BD items and install a different kind of Internet Security program I don't have any of these issues at all. So this is on BD end and I am looking for a fix since my three years is up and I truly do not want to go to another IS program but I can not have this going on daily. I have done the full repair/reinstall along with uninstalling/reinstalling a fresh copy of BD and also windows with the same issues.

System Specs:

OS: Win 10 Pro 64bit

CPU: 10850K

MB: z490 Aorus Master

Memory: 128GB G.Skill DDR4 3200mhz

GPU: EVGA 3090Ti FTW 3 Ultra

Storage: two WD Black Nmve drives, one Blue SSD WD drive along with one Black WD HHD for mass storage of backup-s of all system drives.

All Software is up to date running the latest drivers, windows updates


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    @IceWarrior431 ,

    Welcome to the Bitdefender Forums. I have not seen any reports of this behaviour. Since you already tried a repair installation without success and the issue is not reproduced with another security solution, I think your best option is to contact Customer Support.

    Please keep us posted. Good luck, and have a great day.



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  • camarie
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    This is not known to me. Is there a specific keyboard model? Logitech, perhaps?

  • I have tried four different brands of keyboards to rule out not only their software needed but also the USB port for each. All Keyboards ( steelseries, corsair, asus and hyperx/kingston ) have done the exact samething once the scan starts and when it finishes. Also uninstalled all USB Drivers and updated them with current ones from motherboards website and still having the same issue.

  • camarie
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    So it appears is not keyboard specific driver-related. I have to admit that is something that we should try to reproduce first (or at least attempt) to get more details.

    Did you open a support ticket, in order to track it down with the support guys and get, perhaps, submitted log files, error log events and such things in order to understand, if possible, what went wrong?

  • Flexx

    So as @camarie said

    Kindly contact Bitdefender support by visiting

    Depending on your selected product and the type of issue you're facing, you can reach a support representative via email, chat, or phone.

    If you choose email support, you will receive a ticket number in your registered email. Kindly generate and attach the following logs to the ticket:

    Generate Bitdefender BDsysLog:

    Generate Bitdefender Support Tool Log:

    Generate Bitdefender Connectivity Log:

    If the generated logs are larger than 25 MB, which is the attachment limit for most email vendors, you can upload the logs to and share the link with the support team.


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  • Hi,

    That's unusual... theoretically, I think it's possible for the antivirus to interfere with the keyboard, although this is the first time I hear someone encountering this. In some cases (really rare cases), if the antivirus detects what it believes to be a malicious activity associated with keyboard input or keyboard-related processes, it might attempt to block or restrict those activities.

    When contacting the Support teams, make sure to let them know the model of the keyboard, what type it is (wired, wireless) and what other types of keyboards you tried (wired/wireless).

    And please do let us know what they find there, I'm very curious and I think we all are, to find out what security module was actually causing this, if the antivirus was indeed the culprit.



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