Alert mode going off now, when going to any fullscreen app / youtube video.

I'm watching the console on a second monitor.

If i load youtube fullscreen video on primary monitor, ALERT self disables ( even with password in place )

If i load any game fullscreen or app / Alert mode self disables even with password protection.

If i go to console to re-enable ALERT mode, i get asked for my password.

So something is taking advantage or a bug is taking place when you enter full screen mode ALERT gets disabled, protection password or not.

This is a major problem and security flaw, and happens on all pc's in the house some with diffferent mobos and configs, and a laptop.


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    @Negligence ,

    This is a known bug, and a fix is expected.

    Please be patient. The developers have to find and fix the bug, and then they have to test it extensively to ensure that the "fix" does not break something else.

    Have a great day.



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  • Yes, the fix is still in the pipeline and I'm trying to get an update on the release date. I will come back as soon as I have news.


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