Unable to install on Windows 7 with error

Ice Tea
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Hi all, I see that Bitfender is supporting Windows 7 until January 2025. I tried to install the Bitfender Antivirus Free on my windows 7 computer but I get an error:

I installed the Microsoft Knowledge Base packages and I have Windows 7 Service Pack 1, but it still has the same message. Can anyone help?


  • Hello,

    Do you have Windows updated? If not, look for the latest update and try to reinstall Bitdefender afterwards.



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  • Ice Tea
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    Hello Alex,

    Can you confirm, what do you mean by "windows updated"? I use Windows 7 and specifically do not want to update to Windows 10, and Bitfender says they support Windows 7 until January 2025.

    If you are referring to whether I installed the service pack 1, I installed it but it seemed to stop my printer connecting wirelessly to my computer so I removed it.

    Thank you

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    I was refering to any Windows 7 updates that might be available for you. But you've answered my question, if service pack 1 is not installed, Bitdefender cannot run on Windows 7.



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  • Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the reply.

    In my original post I mentioned that I already installed Service Pack 1 but still had the error seen in the screenshot. This was why I posted this question, that despite installing Service Pack 1, I still couldn't install Bitfender.

    So what this means is, not only did Service Pack 1 stopped my printer connecting, it also still did not allow Bitfender to be installed. Is there a solution to this?



  • I understand. Back to my initial question then: Is your Windows 7 up to date? Microsoft regularly releases updates and patches to address bugs, security vulnerabilities, and other issues identified in their products. These updates are often distributed as KB packages, which users can download and install to keep their systems up-to-date and secure. According to the notification received when trying to install Bitdefender, something is missing and you are required to update your OS in order to install the software. This doesn't mean it's necessary to update to a later version, let's say Windows 10 or 11, but simply to ensure the Windows 7 you have is up to date with the latest patches and fixes. What happens if you click OK?

    If you are absolutely sure Windows 7 is properly updated and the notification persists, click on the link below to get in touch with the Bitdefender Support team for a more detailed investigation:


    State your contact reason, then choose from the available contact channels, chat, phone and email/ticket. Chat would be the fastest way to reach them.

    Let us know how it goes.



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  • Hello Alex,

    To answer your question what happens after I click "OK", this message pops up:

    The only reason this displays as an error is because I don't like applications automatically opening links so I disabled that. The url i

    message is:


    but it actually then becomes:


    Following its instructions, I downloaded Microsoft Easy Fix solution which involved installing Windows SP1 and lead my printer to be unable to connect.

    As for checking whether my computer is up to date: when I try to look for updates, I get this message:

    This could be because I purposely turned it off. A few years ago it was on and lead to an unwanted upgrade and a hard drive wipe (you may have heard of the windows 10 upgrade wiping hard drives), so I turned it off. For the sake of installing BitDefender, I have tried to turn on Windows Update but it doesn't seem to work. Yes, I am the administrator.

    I then followed the manual installation instructions to download the MSU files from this BitDefender page and when I tried to install that by clicking or via command prompt (using these instructions from Microsoft), I got this:

  • I'll tag @camarie here for a more informed opinion. But still, if we won't be able to come up with a solution here, I think it will be necessary to get in touch with the Support engineers so they can have a closer look. To be honest, I haven't encoutered something like this before..

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  • Thank you very much Alex, I appreciate it.

    Yes I know it is a little strange, even I am surprised Windows Updates won't turn back on. As I said, I turned it off after the forced update ruined my files so I am very hostile towards Windows 10 now.

    I just hope malware hasn't corrupted the system before I had a chance to install BitDefender.

    Thanks again, I'll wait to hear from Camarie. Have a great day.