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Default tab for Notifications in GUI, and additional display suggestion

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In the Bitdefender GUI, the left-hand side has a set of icons including Notifications.

I notice that when I click on that Notifications icon, by default(?) it is opening on the Critical tab. The other tabs are All, Warning and Information.

I tentatively suggest that the default tab should be All, rather than Critical.


Another suggestion relates to unread notifications. In the screenshot, a red bubble is shown with a number (in this example, "17"). It may be convenient for users to be able to see a compilation of the set of unread notifications only. I can think of a couple of ways of achieving this.

  • Create a new tab named "Unread". (Implicitly it would be all unread notifications, of any severity level.)
  • Create a new toggle button applying to the active tab to switch between display of unread-only or read+unread. The button could be labelled, e.g., "Show read notifications? Yes/No" or "Show only unread notifications? Yes/No".

This suggestion can be related to email clients, where it is common for users to sometimes apply a 'filter' to display a compilation of unread emails.

P.S. Sorry, maybe this would fit better in the forum. Feel free to move it.