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Bitdefnder firewall windows 11


Hello, Recently i upgraded from windows 10 to windows 11. For flightsimulator 2020 i use software that is called AVIASERVER to put a cockpit display onto my IPAD. In windows 10 that worked as a charm. In windows 11 it does not work anymore. I can start up the software and i runs on the background but my IPAD cannot connect to the software. In the firewall settings i created rules for the software so that any traffic in any direction was allowed. But still no connection. In the firewall log i see the message apear: "System has been blocked". In assigend rules i cannot find any relation to "system". All i can do right now is turning off the Bitdefender firewall and rely on windows 11 firewall and then the connection is made immediatly.

Somebody any idea which rules to create so i can keep using bitdefender firewall and have a connection with the ipad?