Bitdefender Blocking Installers

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I use Bitdefender Internet Security 2016.

In two days Bitdefender has blocked two installs of perfectly safe software. It does so without any sort of popup or notification, and I had to search online to find out the antivirus was the culprit.

One was the game "The Book of Unwritten Tales 2" through the GOG galaxy client (GOG's shop and game library application), and the other blocked updating the AMD driver through the Catalyst Control Centre update feature.

I know I've had incidents before. If this continues to be a problem I will have to change to another security provider.


  • I highly suggest you contact them about this through their email form found here:

    Although they do try to make an effort to respond here in the forums, they don't always reply to every single post. The best way of making this issue known to them is contacting them directly. That way, they can add these programs and drivers to the built-in "white list" in the next update. You won't just be helping yourself, but other people as well.