Printing within Safepay

I'm a new Bitdefender user with a Windows 10 laptop and find I can't do the type of printing while in Safepay that I could do with my last security suite.  The two main things I want to be able to do are:

I want to control the printer settings when printing a document, for example to choose specific pages; choose color or greyscale printing;  choose single sided or double sided printing.  When Bitdefender Safepay prints it just goes directly to the default printer using the printers default settings with no confirmation screen or chance to change printer settings.

The second thing is I can't use the Print to PDF function.  This is something I do frequently while working online.  

Are these two printing functions available in the 2020 version which I don't have installed yet?  How long will it take the 2020 version to roll-out through the update process?

Initially I also had trouble getting my statement to download on a banking site within Safepay.  After multiple attempts and logins It finally worked and I'm not sure why it was finally successful as it didn't give me any messages or warnings on the unsuccessful attempts.


  • Hello GardenGal73,

    You may print using SafePay, however, you need to use a physical printer and not via a software. 

    You cannot choose the colors or greyscale when printing from SafePay. Also, you cannot use print to PDF, only to print open PDF files.

    Regarding the upgrade to Bitdefender 2020 version via automatic updates, we do not have any ETA at this moment.

  • This is annoying I have Bitdefender 2020 and want to print to OneNote instead of wasting paper.  I didn't realize that it was even printing because my printer is only on when we need a physical document. I find it easier to save payment receipts to OneNote instead, as I stated before, of wasting paper.  Can you possible put something out to make an option to change the printers? And since the printer was off when I "printed" the receipts, it went to the printer and then printed several copies the next day when I turned it on (I didn't realize that it was sending it to the printer so I tried several times, then gave up).

  • Hi Gin,

    Introducing such a function for Safepay is somewhat delicate as our primary focus is to keep it an enclosed environment where no 3rd party software may interfere to help users stay relaxed when doing online banking and the likes. We will however take your feedback going forth.

    Thank you for your time and have a great day ahead!

  • I agree with users who have a need to print/create a PDF, instead of printing. I REALLY appreciate the 'enclosed environment' created by Safepay. But the inability to create a PDF is not practical! And what about mobile users; typically no access to printers? What about saving paper?

    I use SAFEPAY whenever I'm paying bills, but have NO ability to capture the completed transaction, as follow-up. PLEASE create a better solution!

  • I absolutely agree with the above. There is no point to print only in paper and not in a pdf file!

    PYou need to find a better solution on this, definitely!

  • This is inability to print to pdf i.e. paperless is unacceptable! So Bitdefender is saying print to paper then scan to keep a record then destroy the paper. That sounds like they are introducing more holes in our so called "enclosed environment".

  • Just figured an inelegant workaround. You will have to do this on a regular document to set this up. 

    Open a Word or similar document. Click Print. This should open the simple Print dialogue. Go to the Printer's System Dialog which gives more control over printing. If your printer is like mine (Ca?o?) there should be a setting available to produce a preview before printing. Select that Print Preview checkbox. Finally select the option to save the current setting so all future prints give you a Print Preview. 

    So next time you print from Safepay the printer's software should give you a print preview that you can take a screenshot and save to a graphic or word processor document. If the content is not clear you may have to zoom in and take partial shots.

  • Not being able to print to PDF is not acceptable. You need to figure out a better solution!

  • KHH
    edited August 2020

    I was previously using Kaspersky and in their version of Safepay, I can select using physical printer or software PDF on-the-fly. I am now using Bitdefender and while I do like Bitdefender, it's inability to select printers on-the-fly is very inconvenient.

  • davhar
    edited April 2021

    Just tried SafePay and the inability to save a copy of the transactions on my PC out weighs any potential benefits as far as I am concerned. May try again after I down load the next version of Bitdefender but it will be added to the criteria of which Security suite to buy, so may preclude the selection of Bitdefender in the future.

  • Just installed Bitdefender after years with Kaspersky. It was an excellent program but I wasn't happy with the Russian connection. I believed I'd trialled Bd thoroughly but I missed this 'paper print only' limitation. It is a killer for us in an otherwise good program and I see that here in March 2022 it is still not fixed. Having to do financial transactions outside of Safepay defeats its Bitdefender's purpose. You can't even take a screenshot in Safepay.

    If this can't be overcome and the programmers are unwilling to fix it I may have wasted my money.

  • Just another disappointed user of Safepay for its inability to print to pdf..

  • Hello @Kent_83 and @nikant and welcome to our Community!

    Your feedback is appreciated, but also noted and transmitted to the development teams. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and suggestions on SafePay. Perhaps we will be able to revert with a positive resolution on the thread requests.



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  • Fortunately I found this inconvenient on my trial period. Really liked bitdefender better than other options, but this a sensitive matter. Do you have any news or ETA to have this solved, @Mike_BD ?

  • Hello @@MarceloS and welcome to our Community!

    At the moment, I'm afraid there's no clear timeline of an update on this discussion.


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  • Hi @Mike_BD ,

    Even if safepay is an enclosed environment, how difficult would it be to simply add a built-in pdf printer in the safepay virtual desktop that only exists within safepay?

  • I have just switched from Kaspersky Total Security which I liked a lot but felt uneasy regarding the problems with Russia, now on my 3 month trial I too have discovered no option to print to pdf or anything else, printing a hard copy isn't ideal and wastes paper and ink.

    If this can't be changed then it is a deal breaker for me and I will reluctantly go back to Kaspersky or elsewhere.

    This is so annoying after having to remove Kaspersky to install Bd.

  • Hello @Richchad and welcome to Bitdefender and the Community!

    Virtual printers are not supported in Safepay. Most virtual printers open Windows in the initial desktop and block Safepay's secure desktop while waiting for your input.


  • @Alexandru_BD thanks for the explanation but I cannot continue using Safepay if no options to save some transactions etc,

    I have now removed my trial Bitdefender and reinstalled Kaspersky Total Security even though there maybe some risk when using their Safe Money feature but being able to screenshot or print to pdf etc is very important for me.

  • Hi @Richchad,

    I'm sorry to hear that.

    Safepay is a sealed environment and there are some limitations when it comes to virtual printers and also  browser extensions. If you change your mind, let us know and we'll be happy to have you back on board.

    Of course, the decision is yours to make, according to what is best suited for your needs and whatever that decision might be, stay protected.

  • Guys, this issue was first posted 3 years back and quite honestly it is very disappointing that until now you all are not able to figure out how to print documents as pdf. We as your customer are forced to go for less secure methods or have to go for different software. It's just sad.

  • Up until a few days ago, I was able to Print to the PaperPort printer which created a PDF document. This has been working since switching to BD several years ago. Now I am getting the error message that printing to virtual printers is not supported. What happened that it worked before but not now. I understand the policy, I don't understand why using the Paperport Printer was acceptable for years but now isn't.

  • Hello @MikeJ,

    This situation is caused by an issue that has already been acknowledged by the development team. They are currently working on a fix that will be done by means of an automatic update and won't require any additional action on your end. Several reports have arrived in the community and the Support teams received inquiries about this as well. So, it's now a high priority issue currently under investigation. Below there are a couple of threads regarding this:

    You can also contact the Support teams to provide them with more information that would help the troubleshooting process, as follows:

    You can get in touch with our engineers by choosing one of the contact channels available here:

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.