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Constant CPU utilization from bdservicehost

edited August 2019 in General

Before this I do mention this has happened on 2019 lineup as well. That's the reason I upgraded to 2020 hoping it will be fixed. It isn't fixed. I don't know if it's a correlation and I'm not 100% sure if this happened after I changed my PC (new Ryzen CPU). Used to have an Intel CPU before and I didn't notice this CPU usage. I would have noticed probably since it would have been higher since lower core count. 

Currently CPU usage is a constant 8-10% on an 8 core CPU. It is spread across cores, so not only 1 core gets hit by the process. Still it's almost 1 core at 100% if you dumb it down. I doubt it's normal to be like that all the time.

So does BD have any issue with Ryzen or is it a BD update or windows update that messed this up lately?

Edit: Apparently it's directly connected to the second service you see just bellow, Nvidia Container, specifically Nvidia NetworkService Container. Once I disabled that service BD chilled down as well. So I guess good job nvidia!

Still might be an issue to look at. No ideea what that Nvidia service does but it freaks BD out as well it seems.

CPU usage.jpg


  • Stefan I.

    Hi TempleKa,

    No processor based incompatibility as far as we know.

    Nvidia Container as a process holds ownership over most other tasks and services related to them so as long as it's using CPU/Reading/Writing data its not exactly sitting idle.

    Are you by chance running something that would keep said process busy when the device is considered idle? Eg: Game clients, Wallpaper engine ( or similar products ) etc?