How to stop bitdefender popups/notifications

I get constant popups from bitdefender saying its optimised for "??????" or constantly for usb sticks that have been in and scanned...Its worse than spam when you are trying to work.

I only need to see things that may have the potential to infect or disrupt my work.

The constant adds and popups are what I have protection to remove. This product is very close to Malware/adware with its constant interruptions.



  • hello @Mic4680 @Blauwvinger

    If you want to disable all Bitdefender notifications, then its simple. Just navigate to Settings screen, then in General tab you can turn it OFF by yourself. See the below short video which demonstrates how to disable notifications.

    I think this one will help you get rid of notifications and forget about the installed security software running in background. If you find this response helpful, please mark it as accepted / agree.

  • This extremely annoying popup started showing up a few days ago, apparently after some update. This is really distracting me from my work. It's popping up every few minutes, or every few seconds in some cases. Please remove it!!! I don't want to disable all BD notifications!! Just this one!!!

    The actual result is the exact opposite of what is claiming to do! It is a big hindrance of my work!

  • @Mic4680 @pako8899 ,

    Please drop a mail to [email protected] with all the details. It is the fastest way to get the issue/concern directed to bitdefender team. Since more people facing similar issue, it will be resolved in priority.

    If you find this response helpful, please mark it as accepted/agree.

  • @Jayakrishnan thanks! I'll try it.

    BTW, I followed the instructions in the youtube video you linked above, and this particular, super-annoying, notification still pops-up.

  • @Jayakrishnan

    I have sent a message to [email protected] three days ago and there has been no response. Most companies at least respond with some form of message received.

    This just gives me another item to add to the long list of complaints that will stop me from recommending this product to any person or company I come across.

  • @Mic4680 ,

    The delay may be due to the covid 19 lock down. Also you can submit ticket over here:

  • I have exactly the same problem. The Work Profile pop up appears every few minutes. I haven't changed anything - Bitdefender is running in stealth mode. I haven't changed any settings. It seems to pop up when I hop between open windows. I don't care if it's got my back. Stop telling me about it.

  • This Work Profile popup is also happening on my computer as of about a week ago. It's EXTREMELY disruptive. Please advise on how to remove this. Changing the notifications did not fix this.

    Thank you!

  • Nothing works for this, stops me from working. Will have to find alternative if this every second interruption can't be turned off, it's like a virus itself.

  • Hello @holistic @Jayne @KF11 ,

    This is a known issue and many users are reporting the same. Please drop a mail to [email protected] describing the issue. If more people report this, there are chances to quickly release a fix.

    Bitdefender team will surely release a patch for this via a product update.

    If you find my response helpful, please mark it as accepted/ agree.

  • Hello @Andy_BD ,

    Lots of users in this Bitdefender community and outside are complaining about this notification behaviour which is quite annoying. Can you escalate this issue to the concerned team and get an update for us?

    Seems like this is the most common issue users face with Bitdefender now.

  • JoshMike
    edited June 2020

    I am also having this every time I open a number of applications. I have disabled notifications, it still happens. It is extremely annoying to the point I am considering switching to a different antivirus solution.

    (yes, I have submitted this complaint via email and the contact form)

  • If you cannot fix a problem with pop ups in your own application that doesn't give me much assurance that you can protect my computer from outside threats.

  • GreatBigBadger
    edited July 2020

    I have the same issue. Drives me nuts, to the point where I'll turn off the Profile feature altogether, just to stop the pop-ups. Seems like this would be a simple thing to fix. Please do it.

  • For God's sake, stop these popups! If you can't even figure out how to manage your own system, how can we have any confidence your company is competent to keep our system safe? I can't even type a simple email because the SUSPICIOUS CONNECTION BLOCKED popup leaps onto my screen and interrupts my every (literally) 7 seconds.

    STOP IT!

  • I decided to support BITDEFENDER and buy their product but these pop-ups KILL PRODUCTIVITY - It is too many pop-ups - I abandoned MalwareBytes Antibytes for this? At least MBAB lets me work and does its thing in the background.

    You got my money already but I am considering removing this software from all my computers.

  • Same for me. This is absurd, and now I see it's been going on for a long time for others.

    I only need to know when their is a legitimate threat - if their isn't, don't disturb me. And yet I get this constantly "look what we did for you" BS because I game and work on the same computer. And stop acting like not using one of your features, like safepay or file shredder, is a vile threat when I use my own VPN. THESE THINGS ARE AS OBNOXIOUS AS ALWAYS WRITING IN ALL CAPS AND SAYING ALWAYS TOO MUCH. My subscription renews in September and I will be killing it this isn't resolved soon.

    On a side note, another really annoying issue: when I add my 5th (2 winX PCs and 3 macs) device to my account it drops one of the other devices, leaving one slot available, but then not showing one device in the online dashboard. That device seems to think it's being protected, it let's me run updates, but is absent from online dashboard - I had to wipe a new mac 3 times too figure this out.

    One of the prior users on this thread said it best:


  • Is there a fix for these pop-ups yet? How do you stop them from triggering?

  • This is killing me. I don't need a popup for everything that gets blocked. please give us the ability to stop these.

  • If I tell my system I do not want notifications that means I DO NOT WANT NOTIFICATIONS! that include yours! every setting in your software is set to not give me notifications yet I keep getting them, and some don't even go away like the example of the work profile above!

    I really do not want notifications to suddenly pop up and disrupt my focus when I am trying to do something and forcing me to click it for it to go away! this is not what I was paying for when I decided to purchase your software!

  • Go to Settings -> Profiles-> And untick option "Activate profiles automatically" and problem resolved.

  • Problem persists. Please just add an option to disable the profile change notifications and leave the ability to automatically change the profiles. It can't be that difficult. I've dropped other AV programs in favour of using Bitdefender but this rubbish will almost certainly contribute to me going to another AV with less invasive 'features'. This is not a feature, it's an annoyance.

  • If this option removes the ability to automatically switch profiles then it isn't a viable solution.

  • Hi community,

    I got the same issue with the notification of insecure Wi-Fi. It recommends me that activate VPN (but I didn´t bought it). I deactivated all notifications in the settings but this pops up every hour. Anyone had this issue with this particular notification?

  • Is there someone from Bitdefender fixing this particular issue?

  • Hello all

    I have decided to uninstall this, as I am going mad with the notifications.


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