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How to stop bitdefender popups/notifications



  • I will also not renew my license. This is simply annoying.

    Thought it was a problem on my side. It's a common issue and it's being ignored by Bitdefender.

  • I have 3 weeks left of my license. I will not renew.

    Bitdefender has become nagware.

    So long...

  • I really have to hold back not to swear about the pop-up issues of your software!!!!

    Bought it for my company and I am DEFINITELY not going to prolong it. How bad is your support, not to listen to your customers, those who pay your bills, and implement the option to change the pop up settings ourself! I use the working mode, so no need to freaking tell me, that I am using the work mode every half an hour, nor to tell me, that my network connection is not safe or give me constant pop ups to install your apps.

    Bitdefender is intrusive and distracting! The only purchase in 2020 I truly regret!

  • What also triggers me specially is that I start a game, this idiot program tells me about microphone usage and then blocks my GAME'S SCREEN! Let me disable ALL popups please. This is the only thing you can redeem BD with.

  • Switched back to another software due to the lack of action from BD to resolve this issue. Very disappointed!

  • Try this -

    From Bitdefender's Dashboard go to settings -

    Turn off Special Notifications and Recommendation Notifications

    Go to Protection

    Firewall Settings

    Go to Settings and turn off Alert Mode

    Restart the computer. Good luck.

  • I am also not renewing my subscription. I have to switch antivirus because of annoying notifications. Why are you not using windows notifications at least we can disable them. Or at least provide a silent mode on Bitdefender. Infected web resource notification profile switch notification. They stay on screen for too long.

  • Still no option to disable infected web resource and profile switch notifications.

  • I cannot believe this complaint about the stupid profile popup is still going on after several months. It says something about how the company deals with customer needs. I bought a subscription only about a month ago but I am really thinking of stop using it because of this issue.

  • I'm in the same situation NikMara and community. I'm thinking that the best fix is to remove it entirely. I'm also surprised that some people would try to blame COVID for the lack of customer support since many, if not most, companies these days use remote customer support already. I know that Norton was (is) a resource hog, but at least it left me alone to work. Right now, BD is the most annoying piece of software on my computer.

  • I thought I would come back to Bitdefender after many years elsewhere. Dear gawd, this is awful. I cannot work with as the software is constantly telling me it's blocked a virus or changed the mode of working to suit the desktop environment. It feels like I'm over-run with malware and spyware. So, despite paying for it, it's coming out and I'm away back to Kasperksy which justr gets on with it. Sorry!

  • Absolutely does not work as I can't even find such settings in my Anti-virus Plus! THE worst thing I have ever bouight this year.

  • I am having the same issue, not with a large number of popups, just the "got your back message" whenever the computer starts up, even thought all message are disabled.

    Its obvious that someone in marketing had the brilliant idea that this would be a great idea. Its not a bug, its obviously intentional. I also use this computer for business, and have no interest in software that is "needy" and has to constantly remind that its there for you.

    I sent in a trouble ticket and will uninstall the software within 3 days if I do not hear back from Bitdefender. I do not expect to hear from them as this is obviously an intentional message. Being a little cyber paranoid, maybe its just a method to get you to send in a trouble ticket where they require you to check the box that sends them information...

  • I'm also about to switch antivirus, sadly because I trust Bitdefender and used it for years...

    I have a web server at home for work and everytime a robot post something on my developing platform, it trigger an Online Threat notification and I can receive thousands in a single day. This make me lose focus of the main window, so if I am typing it stop and I have to click to go back on my main window. I can't handle this anymore...

    I don't want to disable the Online Threat Module because it does it job, but I wish it to do it in background without annoying me or without minimizing my games or main window.

    Please add an option to turn OFF notifications.


  • Came here hoping to find solution to constant “blocked suspicion connection” during my flight. Realized how much I hate this software. Thanks all!

  • edited December 2020

    This is a problem with Bit Defender's interface with Windows. To turn off the notifications in Windows:

    Go to Start -- Settings -- System -- Notifications & Actions -- Scroll down to turn off either ALL notifications OR just notifications from Bit Defender. This stops the constant “blocked suspicion connection” popup, but NOT the occasional Profile popup.

    There are additional notification settings within Bit Defender itself.

    -- Settings (Left Panel) -- General Tab: Turn OFF the following: Special Offers and Recommendation Notifications

    -- Protection (Left Panel) -- Firewall -- Settings -- Settings tab: Turn OFF alert mode

  • Bitdefender doesn't show up in the list of applications in "Notifications & Actions". I can't disable them from there.

    Disabling 'ALL' Windows notifications is not really an acceptable option. Thanks for this suggestion...

  • Yeah this renders my computer unusable which in turn makes Bitdefender a virus. I opened an email with a large number of images trying to load over https that don't have an SSL resulting in a complete freeze of my machine due to notification overload. Every notification must individually be closed. I've been clicking 100+ times to close these and if I reload this email to test changes, it starts all over again. I've tested turning off all notifications as previously mentioned in both general settings and protection>firewall>alerts. I still get this "insecure connection blocked" notification spamming my machine like a virus from the 90's. Fix your software Bitdefender... I don't know how you missed the mark and thought your notifications superseded user's needs.

  • YESSS! This profile notifications is SUPER annoying.

  • It's even worse than I thought. How unfortunate, as I have enjoyed Bitdefender for most of the past 5 years. When programs go over the top in features that end up distracting my focus, they defeat the purpose. I'm so disappointed that I purchased an extension of two years last Fall, as I am finding it to be counterproductive, moreso than past years.

    Software needs to be unobtrusive, straightforward, streamlined. Farewell, Bitdefender. Too bad no refund for me...chalk it up to the "complicated must be better" mentality of software and operating systems.

  • I still can't believe this thread is going... How have they not FIXED this yet?

    edited January 21

    I've had decided not to buy the product because of these pop-ups and the fact that BD does not even address the community concerns. Then I finally decided just to turn off the auto-profile feature. I figured out that I did not like the profiles anyway, and I can still turn them on manually if I want to. Why even have this feature honestly? No feature, no problem, LOL.

  • Yeah, I'll not be renewing either. This is so lazy of them!

  • The popups have been interrupting my presentations, even going so far as to freeze my ppt screen twice in the middle of presenting to clients. This is not just super annoying, it's affecting my business. Do something Bitdefender!

  • Installed 2 days ago. 97 pop-up notifications in 1 hour. No help from Bitdefender. Even got 3 pop-ups opening the Chat on Bitdefender's own site. Had Bitdefender a few years ago with no problem. Cutting losses and going back to my old Free Antivirus and will assess where to go. Will try and recover purchase price but losing the money is better than sticking with it.

  • Why email - you have all the info you need. I have the same issue. Notifications are off, I'm sitting in my pyjamas at home, and BitDefender has popups that interrupt what I'm doing to say that BitDefender is doing what I fucking told it to do. It's like an "everything is OK alarm" stupid, pointless, annoying.

    Seriously, kill all the pop ups. Yesterday.

  • I have two monitors on my computer. Open up word on one screen, get a pop up telling me bitdefender is in "work" mode. Switch my focus to a different program on another screen, get another pop up telling me bitdefender is no longer in "work" mode.

    Seriously, I have no problem with the profiles feature, but the notification spam is incredibly annoying. I ended up switching off the profiles completely to avoid the notifications - and when a user is having to disable a feature entirely just to avoid the pop up spam then what's the bloody point of having the feature in the first place?

    Sort it out Bitdefender, or I won't bother renewing.

  • these companies like to pat themselves on the back for doing what we paid for, makes it seem like the program is always working for us, duh. In 2002 when I moved to WV there were signs around all road construction thanking Governor Wise for this construct blah blah blah, same BS. I'm sick of the pop-ups too. 30 yrs ago when internet and all first started one of the first utilities was pop-up and ad blocker and we're still fighting the issue in 2021.


    STOP IT.


    100% UNECESSARY.


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