How to stop bitdefender popups/notifications



  • I am actually having trouble typing this out due to the constant "Suspicious Connection Blocked" messages keep taking priority, talk about invasive.

    I neither need or want to hear from any antivirus engine unless Windoze is on the thin ledge of epic disaster and AV has swooped in and saved everything.

    Thanks for nothing, I'm off elsewhere for AV.

  • Any news on this topic? I get notifications all the time, particularly when I use Outlook. I click on a spam and have a preview pane and as soon as I click on it to delete it, there is about 10 notifications for the one spam I clicked on... Then, 10 for the next one... It is never ending. I have taken a look at dozens of settings pages for notification options, did not find anything to turn it off. That is really annoying and is counterproductive.


  • Yes that's gonna be it for me, couldn't get a minute of work done today without an interruption, this is literally insane, I'm uninstalling this malware garbage right now. What a joke!

  • I have been getting this "work profile" popup as well and am so annoyed by it. Very disappointing to see that people have been complaining about it since at least June 2020, and it continues to happen. Only responses seem to be to send logs to the company. Are there not enough logs by now to have pushed out a resolution through an update?

  • I just submitted this ticket. I hope they get the point:

    Don't you ALERT hate it when you are trying to do ALERT work on a site you ALERT know is ALERT secure and there are constaALERTnt notifications that ALERT ALERT there are security issuesALERT? IALERTmean it canALERT get realALERTALERTALERTly annoying that youALERT have to clicALERTk back andALERTforth just to use a ALERTsite for 5 minALERTutes. I wisALERTh we could turnALERTALERToff notifications as they ALERT areALERTnoALERTt proALERTuctALERTALERTive at all.


  • It's sad. As a student in informatics, I don't see any reason to not add a settings tab to the notifications page where you can toggle off all the different types of notifications. But you've made it unnecessarily hard and inaccessible by design to keep reminding the user that bitdefender is working in the background. One of the worst design choices I have ever seen while being a student in informatics.

    If I find a better antivirus software, I'll make sure to keep everyone in this forum updated.

  • This is daft. I liked BD, but I have had to uninstall.

  • I can’t believe I just locked myself in for a year of this. I will have to uninstall this f#%X#*g malware and take the loss. 

    When I couldn’t figure out how to shut off the notifications I googled it assuming I’d find a quick way to shut it off. No biggie. Instead I find this thread full of frustrated people who have tried everything and concluded that nothing works.

    This is like ransomware. The only way to get rid of is to give up the year of service I just paid for.

    Whoops, gotta go - I’m late for my new full-time job and life quest which is seeking out places on the internet where I can give Bitdefender bad ratings. Have a nice day.

  • Bitdefender, are you blind? You're losing your customer base due to this issue and they will not return. Please disable the notificaiton-nightmare before you go out of business

  • I keep having the same issue and switched to another antivirus product - this is just too annoying. BD would be out of business if they don't fix it soon...

  • After reading four pages of identical comments with no resolution - not so much as a peep from the company (blamed conveniently on COVID, I'm sure, though all of their employees could handle this from home), I've decided this is basically ransomware. Sickening how hard it is to find AV that will just take your money the shut the hell up for a year until it's time to renew.

    Honestly, I'm sad I left Malwarebytes. I think that's where I'll keep my business in the future. Maybe in six months when subscriptions don't renew, they'll take a look at this forum and say "huh."

  • I do have the same problem, it is very annoying. it upsets me that I could not find a solution on all 4 pages I read here. I will uninstall it! my work requires me to focus without interruption and these pop-up notifications are popping up literally every few seconds even when I turned it off !!!!. I did not face this problem months ago and I believe it is from their recent update. Anyway since it already turned off and my subscription will end after one month I will uninstall it and find a better AV.

  • We're doing the same and not renewing Bitdefender, we have a company wide subscription for BitDefender. It's a good product on the Mac but on the PC, it's very poor.

    We have 55 days to go and will then move to another commercial product.

    Our contracts with clients oblige us to use a commercial AV system, so we'll find another and recommend that to our clients. Our expeience is that companies only get interested when their bottom line is threatened.


  • I'm fed up with these quarter of a screen size adverts from Bitdefender.

  • Flexx
    Flexx ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Andy_BD, @Alex D.

    Kindly check user feedback.



    (Bitdefender beta tester 2019/ 2020)

  • I complained about this work profile pop up on their Twitter DM and received this message:

    Apparently, they are known of this and getting rid of it, finally!

  • Moisen
    edited April 2021

    This worked for me, after lots of testing. Go to protection tab, Online Threat Prevention and uncheck Ecrypted web scan. It still scan the web but dont inform you anymore. Hope it helps.

  • I was having the exact same issue as those in the threads above. Since there is no resolution noted here, this is what I did to solve this issue:

    In Bitdefender Privacy, go to Video and Audio Protection Settings.

    Disable microphone access on the applications you choose not to popup, do not delete them.

    This worked for me.

  • And yet thanks to timematrix.bitdefender ( from INSTAGRAM), i have solve my "annoying threat notifications pop up" problem! just try to remove/disable those useless extensions in your google chrome, i hope this help!

  • The bitdefenders notifications are annoying. apparently users have been complaining for a while and this means bitdefender doesnt intend to fix the problem. i will not be renewing my licence. This software didnt use to be like this. i have been using it for 8 years now. But now i have to find another antivirus. any recommendations?

  • I cannot wait for my subscription to end so that I can get rid of this ad/malware. I cannot describe how I hate that Work Profile pop-up. My job requires me to work with MS Office applications all day and I am so tired of seeing that pop-up with a tiny close button every time I open an office application. I am done with BD and it seems they do not give a damn about it.
  • thegodlyimage
    edited April 2021
    Honestly wish I'd seen this thread before I bought the product. Very disappointed. Notifications are driving me mad and it sucks to see there isn't a fix from the company. Then the icing on the cake is how small they made the X button to close the notification. As a paying customer, it's honestly offensive.

    Will not renew.
  • The constant profile change notifications are very disruptive. I want BD to automatically change profiles based on my activity, but I do not want to be notified by a pop-up every time this happens. There is no reason there shouldn't be a setting to turn them off. This problem has been reported by many people for a long time and I don't see it being fixed. I chose Bitdefender for its inobtrusiveness but these notifications have the opposite effect. I'm considering uninstalling it and switching to another security product.
  • Seriously, you don't have an option to customise these notifications??? I just uninstalled Bitdefender due to the notification spamming!
  • DJKinG
    DJKinG ✭✭

    I've got this problem also with the "Work Profile has been activated notification" there is no way to switch this off and it's annoying, sad almost a year later and nothing has been done about it, looking to other AV options now as there has been no official communication that this is going to be fixed or a option to disable the notifications.

  • bit defender employees. add the setting to toggle off notifications OF ALL KINDS or suffer my foot broken in your asshole. Sincerely, some guy super fucking annoyed with your existence
  • im going to switch to another service provider when my subscription ends if this keeps up. It shouldn't be a hard fix and it only decreases the costumer frustration. i offered 2 siblings a free subscription from my family plan but they declined it just because of the popups. i cant beleive this is ignored for this long.
  • Like TazMatt, I often get one or more "Suspicious Notification Blocked" pop-ups on opening Outlook, and then occasional ones while Outlook is open, and have not noticed any when Outlook is closed. They are much reduced, but not eliminated by switching off Encrypted Web Scan in Online Threat Protection though that's not an adequate long term solution. I have written to Bitdefender's Support accordingly.
  • Hi all,

    I complained on June 2020, on page 1 of this forum, about the annoying "Work Profile" popup, which FALSELY CLAIMS that "We always have your back while working...", while in essence, they're doing the exact opposite, they distract someone while working by popping up this message!

    Then, as advised by @Jayakrishnan I contacted support at [email protected]

    Well, since then, I've received countless emails from support where they're just repeating excuses of the type "our development team hasn't yet handled this issue, but they'll do it...".

    It's been almost a year and still nothing!!!

    As I am a programmer, I know that this issue can be fixed in a matter of minutes!!! yes MINUTES! not hours, weeks, or months, but MINUTES!!!! and yet a year later and still nothing! This of course points to the direction of the support, and/or whoever else is involved is lying to me/us! Everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves!!!

    I started thinking that maybe I should consider changing to an alternative security software after my subscription expired. Well, I did consider it, but after some research found that BitDefender is still the best. Which is both a good thing and a bad thing... so I renewed.

    The bottom of the line is that this is just RIDICULOUS! It's such a pity that such a great product has let this annoying popup slip past testing and quality control and released to all of us, and after a year of communicating with support, they're still lying to our faces saying that they'll fix it. YEAH RIGHT! You have proved how much you have our back, and how much you care about us, through your ACTIONS in the past 11 months. Thank you so much!

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