Cannot update to version 25....


I have two laptops running windows 10. On my oldest laptop, I have bitdefender total security version On my new laptop, a new install of Bitdefender gave me version

Version 25 fixes an issue I was facing but I cannot update the 24 version to the 25 version. Can somebody help me with that? I tried update via the tray icon > update now.


  • Having the same problem from version as well Windows 10 version 2004.

  • I just did a reinstall and it downloaded version when version is available but it wont update to the new version. 😡 The version I have now doesn't even look like the one I had when I first purchased it. Its extremely frustrating that you cant log into the website and simply download the complete installation file instead of the download/installer. 😡 I logged into the website and tried to get it to give me the version I had after I uninstalled but t wont. 😒

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