Please bring back the Security Widget in Total Security

As I mentioned in a different thread / category, finding out that the Security Widget as been removed from BD Total Security 2021 in the most recent version is a huge disappointment. It has been one of the best features of the product for years now for several reasons, but one main reason is that it provides an easy-to-understand visual alert system for the users who need security the most - people who are not "tech savvy" and are not diligent about paying attention to their system's security status.

Most of the people I assist with computer / web related issues fall into this category and rely heavily on the Security Widget being there & visible to them. For years I've taught them that they can help themselves stay safe by making sure the Widget always has a "Green Check Mark" in it and that they can click the small number at the bottom of the circular widget to pull up a list of important notifications that will alert them to what needs their attention.

I do not understand why BitDefender would have removed this highly desirable / very important feature in the Total Security product for so many years now, and I'm appealing to BD to please bring it back into the latest versions.

Thank you for your consideration on this.

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  • I depend very heavily on the Widget as a quick reference for new notifications. I am extremely disappointed that it not longer populates when I sign-in to my system. Is there any recourse that I can take to have my Widget back?

  • FlexxFlexx ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Members,

    So I have just received a latest response back from the development team via bitdefender support & I guess they are in no mood to introduce the widget back again in the 2021 line of product. Below is their reply.



  • I would like my Widget back or I may need to reinstall an older version of Bitdefender.

  • FlexxFlexx ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Member,

    As per latest information, bitdefender is not committed to bring back the widget in 2021 line of product. Even if you will uninstall & reinstall any lower version of bitdefender, sooner or later it will automatically upgrade to 2021 version. So there is no point in uninstalling the product.



  • As already mentioned by "AnotherDave" there's an older but similar forum thread called "So It Seems The Security Widget Is Gone For Good?"

    There you can find further information about the BD opinion about the widget.

    After all, I think that the most important way to clearly state our opinion and dissatisfaction to Bitbefender about widget removal, is by sending an email to BD support

  • This is getting BURIED. Please VOTE on the Original Post.

  • So as of today:

    BD says - "the widget used unnecessary resources" and was "not popular". Yeah? Really? It was the only thing that let most users know that it was still loading / scanning / updating / computer ready. AND it was THE step above all the other security suites, with a visual warning / alert that a simple user could track.

    BD knows - the Search Advisor / Trafficlight does not work with Chrome and FireFox after this most recent update. ANOTHER thing / reason we PAID for this software.

    BD fails to acknowledge - when they say the widget uses "unnecessary resources" for low-end systems, they fail to acknlowledge they did NOT remove the popup / upsells for other features you may not need or want. Anyone getting overwhelmed with ads for buying / adding more BitDefender optional features suddenly? I wonder why it's so important to use my system resources to pimp your paid VPN and other such, but the widget was just not necessary.

    I'm really bummed out. BD TS has been the best security suite for ages now. And now I'm shopping for something else, for me, and for all of my clients.

    VOTE -

  • I agree with everything above

  • GautheyGauthey ✭✭✭

    Hello, if you want her to move, please sign this petition quickly

  • GautheyGauthey ✭✭✭
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    What does the Security Widget represent to people who owned it?

    Did the developers ask themselves the question? here they are

    The Bitdefender widget, which can be placed on the desktop, not only offers a quick view of the protection status, but also offers some useful little options. The first interesting option is that you can drag and drop any file onto the widget and thus scan for viruses. Quick access to the event view is also useful. In the lower circle, the widget displays the number of event messages; if you click on it, the events view opens. This informs, for example, if the updates were processed successfully or if there were any issues with them. Bitdefender can be reopened by double clicking on the symbol of the widget itself.

    The support team doesn't quite understand what this widget really brings to the people we have little subscribed to in its development.

    It also brought increased security on the operation of the anti virus, the internet connection. etc ... he did what can of anti virus do.

  • The Security Widget is a vital part of Bitdefender's Total Security and without it they cannot call it 'Total'. I do not believe that it is unpopular or not well-used - this seems to be just an excuse. If it is not brought back, BD will loose many loyal users who will switch to another programme. I for one know that I rely on the Widget sitting there for peace of mind and to confirm that everything is OK. It has always been one of the features that has set BD apart from their competitors. Please, Please bring it back soon.

  • GautheyGauthey ✭✭✭

    Yes they should expect a drop in their installation in the future I will not recommend it again until the essential Bitdefender widget is brought back online

  • Why in the world would you remove the security widget? How am I supposed to know that my protection is up and running?

  • GautheyGauthey ✭✭✭

    You must write to support on a daily basis, send them emails signed this petition

    make things happen

    We are also told that Windows has switched to the metro interface, but that it no longer exists on the current version, so that is not a valid excuse.

  • What was my surprise tonight when I found out that the security widget was gone, what happens? it was for me the only real reason that made me buy bitdefender it was complete with everything to differentiate itself from its competitors with this style of Widget.

    I have at least 10 installations at eu I do not think of renewing if it does not return

  • Bring it back!

  • Been with BD for about 8 years. May not renew if Widget isn't brought back!

  • GautheyGauthey ✭✭✭

    Yes, let's also write to support via email, together we'll make a difference, this widget can come back before the end of the year

  • DeeGeeDeeGee
    edited October 2020

    I want my Widget back. I was expecting it. You didn't tell me it was surplus to my requirements. Your Marketing people got it wrong. BDTS without a Widget is like is a boat without a rudder or a cow without an udder.😕

  • I also want my Widget back. I was expecting it. You didn't tell me it was surplus to my requirements. Your Marketing people got it wrong. BDTS without a Widget is like is a boat without a rudder or a cow without an udder.😕

  • GautheyGauthey ✭✭✭

    Yes we can still change his contribution when he comes back and signed this petition

    Email support, ask them the questions they need to answer the chat, contact them, do your best

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