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where is my Widget ? I want it back.


I want the Widget !!


  • I downloaded the latest version of total internet security , No Widget !! I want it back !

  • nohorse


    Here, we always wait to the BD widget to show up before touching the mouse or typing anything.....what a disapointement!

    We hope the widget (we paid for) will be back before the end of our subscriptions.


  • BigDmand

    Where's the widget????? I updated to the latest ver of BD and no widget....says autopilot is the way to go....well thats all fine and dandy but how the heck am I supposed to know if it's working without the bloody widget...the new look is great easy to navigate as before but ya kinda buggerd up when you forgot the widget...I couldn't even find anywhere to turn it on since the new update....please fix 😁

  • Firecapt

    Thanks BD for returning the widget!!😁 Really missed it and glad you listened to your customers and returned it to the program.