So It Seems The Security Widget Is Gone For Good?



  • I don't understand the arrogance of companies who decide for their PAYING customers what they really want and don't want. I came to BitDefender from Kaspersky, but will return to them in a few weeks when my subscription expires. To remove a valuable feature without replacing it is a unique brand of arrogance. Sorry BD, but you shoot yourself in the foot don't expect people to hang around and feel sorry for you.

  • As a 5 year user of Bitdefender I have come to rely on the Security Widget.The widget at a glance let's me know all is well on my system. I've come to rely on it.

    It is one strong reason why I liked this software over the close competition, now I'll be comparing several other programs for equal value!

    Always was easy to turn off if it annoyed you!

    Hopefully someone in marketing will push the engineers to reconsider!

    My subscription expires in 60 days!!

    We'll see!

  • I'm in the UK. Just updated BD to the latest version. The Widget has gone and I was looking to see how to set it on. Now it seems that is is no longer there. Surprised to find that the widget disappeared for some users way back in Sept (was that a Beta or a region thing?). It has only just happened to me and I am always updating BD to keep current. Shame as it has been said in the previous comments "how do you really know that BD is working?" without having to go in to the program.

    I can get a small icon to show in the Windows taskbar.

    Does that change when there are warnings to look at?

  • I too have concerns. Don't know the real-time status anymore. Or are we being sold something that is not working? You have to dive into the program to find out what your status is. And by then it might be too late before you realized it. My subscription too will be coming due soon. As time progress all things must end. I foresee a mass exit from Bitdefender because of missing real-time status widget. Does anyone know of the next best anti-virus program that gives the end user a good fussy feeling that it is working or not?

  • Actually, after searching around, I did find one. Apparently, not only does Comodo Internet Security (their highest tier PC security suite) come with a widget, it's quite extensive:

  • As a long time user of BD, I appreciated having the little round Security Widget displayed on the desktop for easy access. I never noticed a problem with system resources and would like to see it returned. I don't find right-clicking on the red BD icon in the taskbar and selecting Show as a convenient alternative and do not like the arrangement of choices compared to the widget.

    Bring it back, Jack!!!!

  • Hi...That's quite the widget. Maybe a little too much going on there. I'd be happy with a widget that just turned color depending on the severity of the issues. I always liked the widget but to be honest , I was a little surprised at the amount of negative reaction to its removal and I'm betting Bitdefender was too. I'm sure the powers that be are paying close attention and if people keep up this protest, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see the widget return.

  • I just had a look at Comodo Internet security and it seems that they must be aware that BD users are searching for alternatives...

    They're now selling Comodo Internet security for 29,99USD/year.

  • I just received my 2021 update and checked the forum, to see what happened to my favorite feature. Wow.

    Decided like that it was no longer needed.

    It is certainly very anoying, But the great thing is my subscription is up soon and after 5 + very satisfactory years I am leaving.

    Thanks for those good years BD, And just like that, I am out of here.

  • Why remove such a simple visual option to ensure that all is OK and that your PC is secure? This is not a good move by the development team.

  • Please bring back the Security Widget ! It was one of the cool features and I used it a lot!

    I looked at it just to see that everything is ok.. is that why the dev team concluded that it is not used ?

    Not everybody drags and drop files there all the time..

    PLEASE bring it back.

  • After being a long time user of Bitdefender Total Security, please bring the security widget back this was one of the best features, and as said before those users that did not require it could turn it off, since this new update has been pushed out, I have also noticed I no longer get any notifications at all, so I'm very dissatisfied with this new version this is not what I have been subscribing to for many years, unfortunately I have only recently renewed my subscription with 314 days left.

    After reading all the dissatisfied users regarding the security widget I can clearly see I am not alone.

    Message to Bitdefender software developers please bring the security widget back along with the notifications.

  • For your information

    A dissusion would have taken place in the development service concerning a possible reintroduction of the Widget the admin spoke about it I attach you his post here

  • Hello,

    Bogdan here from the Product department.

    My colleagues and I appreciate your feedback and the passion you show in helping us make our products better. We also love the widget, and it was not an easy decision to remove it from the product.

    The main reason for doing so is that it creates a lot of issues in terms of performance on devices that are very used by most of our users and performance is one of our main concerns when releasing new versions. We prefer to remove functionality if we can't find a proper way to make it work smoothly for your devices, to avoid any interruptions of your work or leisure time.

    However, following your feedback, we will do further tests and search for other solutions to make it work without a significant impact on your devices' performance because we would also be very happy to bring it back.

    We'll keep you posted on our progress.

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    hello and thank you for your answers it is well adaptable on the 2021 version we have managed to do some tests and have been able to make it work, after those who want to use it know that they may be facing small problems this n is not new. so as it is a free option for everyone to activate or not quickly bring back please

    I also have a video showing the use of the widget on the 2021 version very well suited.

    I have a lot of clients and none have a slowdown as said although there will be a slight slowdown, those who use it know

  • do you think it is still possible to have it in the 2021 version of the product? If you quickly find a solution

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    Hi @BogdanB_BD

    Well, instead of running multiple test, why not integrate the widget back into product and provide an option to enable and disable it in settings. This way user with high end PC specification can enable it and it will not cause any degradation in their system performance and the user with low end PC specification can disable it in order to maintain their system performance. By default you can set widget as disable in settings. I hope this may not cause an issue.



    (Bitdefender beta tester 2019/ 2020)

  • Hello

    the developer's speech does not hold, there are fewer functionalities because it was necessary to remove some, more speed and performance of the system, so the widget will be faster and therefore less greedy to operate alone.

    why wait to reinstate it you can very well reinstate it and then do the tests and the solution to make it even faster.

    thanks for restoring it in the next few days.

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    @BogdanB_BD what you said is not okay with the current situation, you had removed features in July so its features made the system and performance faster so I don't see how reinstalling the widget will cause issues performance. Especially since the widget would therefore have more performance following the removal of other features, so all this does not hold.

    Nothing prevents you from reinstating it immediately and making improvements while making it even more efficient.

    Its performance story is not really true since the Wiget can be turned on or off its function and not set by default so that those with problems can turn it off without worry.

  • I concur with immediate reintroduction of the Security Widget. The user has the option to turn it off. If you want to lessen the resource load that it imposes on less capable computers, then by all means, do so. That would be great.

    Right now, there are many of us who want the Security Widget back now, as it was/is presently. It was a significant factor in the decision to purchase, and renew subscriptions, to your otherwise very good product.

    Respectfully Submitted,


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    The bitdefender support is already aware of the widget thing. Atleast hundreds of email have been sent to bitdefender support. Bitdefender support works independent of community forums. Community forums have their own bitdefender representatives to resolve user query.

    Reviewing and implementation are two different things. If the development teams plans on implementing the widget back again, the bitdefender support might get notified. So, since currently the widget is being reviewed, hence development team might not have updated the support team, due to which the support team relies on old clarification given to them by development team for the removal of widget.

    So, again, if the development teams plans on implementing the widget back again, the bitdefender support might get notified.



    (Bitdefender beta tester 2019/ 2020)

  • FlexxFlexx ✭✭✭✭

    That was like going into the future and seeing the reintroduction of widget in the product,lol . Well we still hold on the assumption of seeing the introduction widget in next few days.



  • a @Andy_BD & @BogdanB_BD

    To summarize and to send to the development department:

    We therefore wish the immediate reinstatement of the Security Widget as it was in its last years, in parallel with its improvements.

    This may be entirely possible given that some features were removed last July, giving the widget more capacity and system performance.

    Thank you for doing the necessary quickly!

    We continue petitions and mobilizations until its reintroduction

  • The second phase of our mobilization begins

    We contacted the product managers

    Peter Craig

    Bogdan carlescu

    razvan cobzaru

    To ask them to reintroduce the Security Widget with immediate effect.

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