So It Seems The Security Widget Is Gone For Good?

I just downloaded and installed the latest version of Bitdefender Total Security, and right off the bat I'm off-put by the atrocious new UI. But what's especially disappointing is that it seems as though the Security Widget is no longer available. Is this really the case? Or is it just hidden really good?

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  • Well, ain't that just a kick in the crotch? ☹️ Thanks for the reply anyways.

  • Is that the latest BETA (but not Final / Release) version? Thanks for the information, by the way.

  • WHY would BD choose to remove the Security Widget from Total Security?

    I help a lot of family / friends / clients / novice users secure their systems with BD Total Security and the Security Widget was the ONE easy way for them to know the status of their system (Green Check to let them know things are OK, easy number to click to view important notices and events). The Widget was a major "selling point" to BD Total Security and, IMO, one of the best features.

    Is there no chance that BD will reconsider this disappointing decision and bring back the Security Widget?

    As a BD customer for many years now and as someone who helps over 30 other licensed users maintain their systems, the removal of the Widget is what may finally have me take a seriously close look at some of the other brands / products on the market.

    As for now, I'm sticking with TS 2020 on as many systems as possible and not upgrading to 2021, in hopes that BitDefender will reconsider this decision and bring back the Security Widget into TS 2021.

    Another real kicker is that the Security Widget was part of what we purchased as licensed users and has been a very useful feature for years now, and after recently just having renewed / extended my licenses (before 2021 version / before Widget removal) I feel a bit hoodwinked by this.

    I'm also curious to know how average / novice computer users are supposed to easily know when their security status is "good" and how they're supposed to know when something needs their attention. All of the people that I help and that I've convinced to purchase BD Total Security as the best security solution for them are going to be coming to me now to ask why their widget is gone and what to do now / how to find the things that the Widget so easily pointed out to them, and I know they're going to be very discouraged by this. :(

    This is a huge downer.

    BD - please tell us that you'll reverse this decision and bring back one of the best parts of the product / re-introduce it to TS 2021.

  • FlexxFlexx ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Member,

    Bringing back the security widget is totally up to development team. The company works for security & stability. Their main motive is to improve security but keeping in mind to use as less resource of the system as possible & this can be only done by removing the things that are not important when keeping the security thing in mind. The widget was no doubt a good thing but it also used a considerable amount of system resources which was not a good thing for lower end PC configuration users who want to use the latest 2021 version.

    You see it is very easy to say that bitdefender should include this & that feature, but one should know that with any new feature comes more consumption of resources and to compensate with the performance you have to remove things that are not worth of any use. Bitdefender development team might consider the introduction of widget if they receive the request in high demand since it requires to rewrite the whole software code and which at present would be waste of time since the main motive of the company is to protect it users without affecting the system performance.



    (Bitdefender beta tester 2019/ 2020)

  • @AnotherDave

    I totally concur with your comments, and I too recommend BD to my customers and always enable to the Security Widget. If resources are an issue as @Flexx is suggesting, there is the option to turn off the Security Widget for those who do not want it to consume resources.

    I second the request: BD, bring back the Security Widget, please.

    Have a great day.



  • HI Flex,

    I read your response very carefully (and I think everyone who cares about this feature should) because of the following simple points:

    1. The Security Widget has been a part of BD Total Security for many years now, so while I may not be a "developer" , when I hear you say "with any new feature comes more consumption of resources" and they "might consider the introduction of the widget" , well all I can do is shake my head in disbelief since it is NOT a new feature. It's something that was a selling point of BD TS for many years and was removed. And when you mention it requires a "total rewrite of the software code" ? Seriously? It was already a part of BD TS. Why in the world would it take a total re-write, or better yet, why was it removed at all? Did it require a total re-write of the code to remove one of the best features of Total Security?
    2. This is the year 2020. Do you really think that the target market for a product like BitDefender TOTAL SECURITY are users with low-end systems? BD TS 2020 with the Security Widget works / runs fine on even systems that I've been managing for 5+ years that have older tech such as standard HDD's and Core i3 CPU's, so it's logical that users who are smart enough to use a good quality security suite will have systems that can handle it with no problem. With older OS's reaching EOL, even Windows 7, combined with the fact that SSD's have become part of "every day consumer" level systems and the fact that anyone with a modern OS such as Windows 10 clearly has a system that can handle it, once again all I can do is shake my head in disbelief over that viewpoint. (Not to mention, users running low-end systems are the type who need a feature like the Security Widget the most, otherwise they could just stick with the inferior security product that comes shipped / built-into their systems already).
    3. "Remove things that aren't of any use"?? Please tell me how the Security Widget is not of any use.

    Oh well... the pattern and direction of BD Total Security changes isn't heading in the right direction in my opinion and the opinions of many users that I assist with their maintenance and whom I've recommended the product to / have been using it for many years now. Your response tells me that this appeal to bring back a feature that we've come to rely on and IS of great use & purpose to many of us is pretty much just going to get swept under the carpet and logic will end up there with it.

    If BitDefender is now taking the approach of targeting a high-end product such as Total Security to low-end system users speaks volumes and the writing is now on the proverbial wall. Very sad to see what I've considered a superior product for so many years now showing signs of going the way of inferior products / business models. Major bummer :-(

  • Thank you Phil, and EXCELLENT POINT where you mention:

    "If resources are an issue as @Flexx is suggesting, there is the option to turn off the Security Widget for those who do not want it to consume resources."

  • FlexxFlexx ✭✭✭✭

    Hi member's

    Let me update with you with latest information from the bitdefender customer support team regarding the removal of widget from 2021 line of products. Kindly have a look at below image. Further no more answer regarding the same topic will be provided.



  • I loved the Security Widget - Please bring it back!!!

  • Would be great to see some factual information to back-up those statements.

    Low number of users? Let's see the stats.

    Move to Metro interface? That was long before the widget!

    Not much of an impact on user experience? Yeah, I'll bet... for BD support, since users don't have any idea whether it's doing anything or not now. They might as well use the McAfee or Norton that came with their system.

    Squirrely response.

  • AnotherDaveAnotherDave ✭✭
    edited September 15

    So, now that BD has made up their mind that the Security Widget is no longer something we deserve, that we paid for, please enlighten us - how is BitDefender now any different than Kaspersky Total Security?

    PS - I'll gladly take a refund for what I bought (a product advertised with Security Widget) so that I can uninstall BD and replace it with Kaspersky TS.

  • FirecaptFirecapt ✭✭
    edited September 16

    Long time BD user and just upgraded to BD 2021; WOW! no more widget. I agree with many posters, bring back the widget and, as before, give us the opportunity to turn it off if we don't want to use it. Certainly there is no downside to this if we can choose to turn it off if we think too many resources are being used.


  • I too vote to bring back the security widget. Also, I'm wondering if anyone else finds Flexx annoying, or is it just me.

  • FlexxFlexx ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Member,

    Like you, I am also a bitdefender consumer and not the staff member of bitdefender. Hence I provided you with the answer that was replied back by the bitdefender support team when I dropped a mail to them asking for the lack of security widget in the 2021 line of product.

    If you want to reverify, you can drop a mail to support regarding the same at

    If you need some more help, you can directly contact the forum administrator @Andy_BD or the staff member @Alex D.



  • Hi...I'm wondering why the comment by bqpd was removed. Members are entitled to their opinions. Flexx obviously has some friends in high places.

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    Hi member,

    The comments can only be deleted by moderators or administrators of the forum. So if the moderators & administrators of the forum feel like that the comment is against the rule of the forum, they will delete it straight away.

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    @ozziebear : the user who has created this post has already marked the answer as accepted that was given to him. I request you to kindly refrain from posting irrelevant comments which are not related to this post as you did in your last comment (Flexx obviously has some friends in high places) .If you want, you can create your own new post on the forum and someone from staff will reply back to you.

    @Andy_BD, @Alex D. : Request you to kindly close this post.



  • Hi...I posted my comment to express my opposition to censorship which is now what you are threatening to do to me. That's OK. I think I made my point. I will stop now.

  • Hey, ozziebear.

    I tried to edit the post you may have read already, then it just disappeared completely, I too assumed it was deleted by Bitdefender but then again it may have been just a glitch.

    I won't post the same but it was my feeling re you know who. 💩


  • Hi...OK good to know. Didn't mean for this to turn into a thing.

  • Hi,

    I also vote to bring back the security widget for all the reasons that are already posted.

    I've also expressed my great disappointment about this removal with several Support requests after I found out that the widget is missing and there's no option to enable it.

    I propose everyone who wants the widget back, send an email to Support just to proove BD that we're not a minority (as they think).

  • The widget provided a live indication of protection, and a quick way in to see notifications (one click on the widget, but now at least right-click then two left clicks). This is very poor user interface design to increase the number of clicks required to perform a simple action.

    The security widget was one the best and most visible features of BitDefender, and one I used every single day  It's removal from the 2021 release makes the product far less useful, and motivates me to research the competitors.


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