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Need advice about possible confirmation conflict


I'm a newcomer to this product. During verification of various components of my digital identity, in some cases I have found that confirmation of various email addresses and phone numbers is both a "yes" and a "no" answer. For example: Did this email address ever belong to you (my answer is yes) and do you have access to it (my answer is no)? If I hit “yes” — as in yes the email belonged to me — then it prompts an email to the address to which I no longer have access. What is the fix to this conflict? Do I hit “no” even though I did own the old email address or phone number? 


  • mdgboxx

    It's obvious to me that it would send an eMail to the address you clearly said "you have access to". What if you replied "NO" as in "NO Access" and left it at that?

    It seems simple enough.

    Did this email EVER belong to you? YES

    Do you have ACCESS to it? NO