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Protect Time Machine on external drive when other external drives are NOT protected?

I'm writing to ask about a potential huge flaw in protection of Time Machine by Bitdefender.

I'm using Bitdefender Small Office Security, but the same issue applies to other Bitdefender products for Macs. Bitdefender allows you to select specific folders to be protected in the case of ransomware. However, you can NOT select folders on a drive that is not the main internal Macintosh HD drive. I have an extra (external) drive that is sold by Apple to be installed inside a Mac. But because it is seen by Finder as an additional or external drive, all of the folders on that drive are greyed out by Bitdefender and none of those can be selected for protection with regards to ransomware.

Since Bitdefender can't protect folders on an external drive from ransomware, does Bitdefender, in point of fact, protect Time Machine if it is also on an external drive? Whether the Time Machine option is turned on or off is kind of pointless, as you can't tell if your specific Time Machine drive is in fact protected.

If Bitdefender is protecting Time Machine on an external drive, then why don't you protect other folders on external drives?

I'm looking for an official response from Bitdefender, not from a forum participant. If an official response is not provided in the next few days, I will delete and remove the product and seek a refund.

And I suggest that no one should purchase this product without an official and written response to the above questions. At least not if protection of Time Machine on an external drive is important to you, which is the only way Time Machine should be installed.


  • Alan2
    This so-called expert forum has been down and out of commission in recent days. It is hard to have confidence in a product that can't even maintain a forum. And there is no answer from Bitdefender to the above post. It would appear that this company can't keep their forum properly operating, and on top of that, they ignore posts completely.

    Why should we have any confidence in this product?