Data breaches: breachCompilation, collection1, breach compilation


I'm looking for help on how to solve the following breaches: breachCompilation, collection1, breach compilation

I have no idea where to start, so any assistance would be helpful.


  • I have the same question about breachCompilation, please.

  • Hi #BitDefender… it would be really useful if you could answer this question for us customers…. Please…

  • Same here. Feels the this protection is useless if I can’t see the source of the breach or correct it.

  • I agree. These identifiers don't help anyone know which web site account needs to be secured.

    I'd rather not mark these as solved, but the alternative is potentially overlooking future alerts for that email address due to the "leaks found" status becoming permanent. Neither is a great option.
  • man ! i wish i got an answer for this

  • yes it sucks to get the warning without any resolution proposal! :(

    breachCompilation 2017

    breach compilation 2021 compilation 2020


  • Agree, please @Andy_BD I see you are an admin, can you help us?

    I have a list of data breaches that are not related to any website but just random words: compilation


    data enrichment records


    breach compilation

    How am I supposed to know the websites where the data breach happened so I can change the password or delete the account all together?