Antivirus for Mac on Mac OS Big Sur




  • Hello,

    i have a new MAC on apple M1 release 11.0.1.

    Actually I have a problem with my antivirus, it's impossible to generate update.

    I have open a case to the support.

    I come back if the problem is solve.

  • I've had a Bitdefender Total Security subscription for years & everything has worked great on PCs running Windows 10, but I just tried to install it on a 2017 Macbook Pro & the only thing that installs is the anti virus. How can I install the rest of the Total Security package? Total Security should be "total security" & not just the anti virus, & when checking Bitdefender Central after installation, it shows one of the open licenses being used by the MacBook Pro even though it doesn't have everything installed. I see a lot of comments regarding incompatibility issues with Bitdefender & the newest iOS so is this the reason why the entire software package won't install? If so, when is this supposed to be fixed? This thread was started almost a year ago so it seems like something should have happened by now, right?

  • Today is Feb 26, 2021. I have been following this thread with a lot of interest as I have a 2020 MacBook Air with Catalina v 10.15.7 and have not yet installed Big Sur due to the issues discussed above. I appreciate if anyone could tell me if it safe to install Big Sur now.

  • I had the same problem with the "(Null)" issue.

    Uninstalled, cleaned from all the left-over files... then when install, it finishes, and when the agent start to download the missing items, it crashes. Basically now I cannot have it installed on my Mac.

    So disappointed, opened a ticket 2 days ago and no reply from support. Never had this problem with Norton before, just made a bad decision to buy this product.

  • I'm having the same problem, I'm trying to install a non beta copy of BigSur to see if I still have the issue

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    Kindly refrain from posting spam comments or your account will be ban. In extreme cases your IP will be blocked from creating new accounts on bitdefender forum. This place is not for promoting your website.

    @Alex D., @Andy_BD



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    Yes It is clearly stated
  • I had the same issue, VPN is crashing again and again. I don't know what to do

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