How to stop bitdefender popups/notifications



  • Non-stop "suspicious connection, website, blah blah blah blocked." "USE OUR VPN". I've been a BD customer for a few years - this is my final subscription. I'd do better off with no protection. This is insanity.
  • Andy_BD
    Andy_BD ✭✭✭

    Hello everyone, I've taken your feedback from this thread and what we've gathered from other channels as well and had a talk with the devs about it.

    I've listed below quite a few of the notifications which can be disabled from the product.

    The following notifications can be turned off:


    • Update
    • USB Immunizer
    • Removable devices (USB/CD/Network drives)
    • Subscription
    • Vulnerability
    • (VPN) & WiFi Security
    • File shredder
    • OneClick Optimizer
    • Startup optimizer
    • Disk Cleanup

    FOR macOS:

    • Update
    • Subscription
    • VPN


    • Web Protection
    • VPN
    • Anti-Theft
    • App Lock
    • Account Privacy
    • Reports

    Several other changes to notifications have been put forward to the dev team and we're looking to optimize their function and will provide updates once we have them developed.

  • Found this discussion because I'm getting sick of Bitdefender constantly popping up notifications, it's getting too much that the product I pay money to prevent adware etc is doing exactly the same thing. This software is supposed to run quietly in the background, not constantly self promote its features and advertise more services. I'm gonna try a couple of the suggestions from this thread, but if it continues, I'm done with this product.

  • Showing us lists of *what* notifications that can be turned off is slightly less important than showing us *how* to turn them off.

    I've installed XSpilt VCam for use with my Logitech C920 Hd Pro webcam which is then piped into OBS Studio.

    When I run XSpilt VCam, I get the below notification literally every second:

    Button-click-by-button-click, how are these notifications disabled?

    I understand that I may have a larger issue being that this notification repeats (maybe XSpilt VCam constantly "connects" and "disconnects" for lack of a better description), though I can't even trouble shoot in XSpilt VCam as the above notification takes focus every time.

  • I've just trialled BD but uninstalled because of the stupid popups. The firewall also blocked my printer (LAN) and WSL - but guess what, no nonfictions when it does that.

    I need software to work with me and make my work life easier, not getting in the way.

    I tried Kaspersky, which was better, but I still had to disable a lot of the junk features to stop the notifications.

    Finally tried Sophos, and so far, so good. No notifications, other than an occasional message about the trial period. This is where my money will be going.

  • I am done with these notifications. Windows defender here I come!

  • Dear Bitdefender ... as told here many times before .... i'm SICK of these annoying popups. Two years ago when i had a subscription this wasn't a problem (as far as i can remember). After coming back to bitdefender i noticed i'm getting bugged every day with this bullying. I regret not having stayed with my previous anti virus program. Do something about it please. Rather yesterday then today!

    A very annoyed customer.

  • Bye bye bitdefender, my company no longer using your software due to this annoying notification of


    for 1000x times in a day. Bitdefender sucks!

  • Andy_BD
    Andy_BD ✭✭✭

    Sorry to hear you say that @leet123

    It's something that we clearly need to work on. However, did you know that if you go into the VPN settings, there's a tab called Notifications where you have the option to turn them off?

  • This is a temporary solution, till BitDefender update their app.

    Run this Autohotkey script: close_all_bitdefender_notifications.ahk (source).

    It's not safe to keep this script running all the time as there may be an important notification that you may miss.

  • "However, did you know that if you go into the VPN settings, there's a tab called Notifications where you have the option to turn them off?"

    Thank you. I did not even know "VPN Protection" was running in the background.

    OK, I just turned that off in Windows Startup.

    The other popups: please, important security notifications, and nothing more. I guess give people the opportunity to get a popup every three minutes, but please give us the option to be left alone.

  • However, did you know that if you go into the VPN settings, there's a tab called Notifications where you have the option to turn them off?

    I assume this is part of a future design that wasn't yet implemented. Because I can uncheck "Remind me to start VPN..." and it doesn't stop the notification. I can toggle off "Allow Notifications" and I will still get annoyed with your notifications about my home network. I've tried uninstalling, to see if that helps.

    I wish I had read this thread before. Over a year of complaints about these popups, and like a fool I bought this 2 days ago. I should have stayed with the free version.

  • Hi @ArmandCormier ,

    I assume you now have only the paid version installed on your machine. A couple of posts above my colleague Andy posted just how to turn the VPN notification off. Let me know if it worked.



  • This is still an issue in Oct 2021, so that's why I'm here seeking for a solution to stop annoying pop-ups. I just switched from Kaspersky to Bitdefender to give it a chance (both paid versions). I will most likely change back to Kaspersky if my tolerance limit has reached the max.

  • Hi @tx7684 , did you try to disable them like shown in the post above, by Andi?



  • Four years ago, many people were having the same trouble with Corel programs until eventually some hero called GMann came up with the solution. I thought I would adapt it to see if it worked with Bitdefender and it does, at least for me. Here it is:

    In Windows, click the Start button and select Control Panel

    In Control Panel click Administrative Tools

    In the right-hand pane double-click Task Scheduler (give permission if asked)

    In the left-hand pane select Task Scheduler Library

    In the top middle pane you should see a list of scheduled events. Look for those related to Bitdefender (in mine there are 'Bitdefender Agent WatchDog' and Bitdefender AgentTask').

    Right-click on each and select 'Disable'.

    That's it. Good luck.

  • I just tried the above solution to no avail. There are no Bitdefender Agent tasks listed, yet I get constant pop-ups. 😡

    So, dear Andy & Mike from BD, since you are reading this and 15 more days of you losing customers has gone by, when are you going to post a step by step solution to turning off the pop ups? We’re not talking about VPN so quit changing the subject to VPN, makes you sound like a politician!

    If not resolved soon, I’m removing all my paid versions from 5 PCs and never coming back. Do you guys even care?

  • Hi @Robert_E ,

    We're Community moderators and try to take care of the community itself and build here something, with you, our customers, more than "problem solving". In the above posts, Andy underlined what notifications can be turned off (and how) and not only for VPN. We are trying to hear everyone, take your feedback and try to influence and make your voice heard in our departments. Sometimes answers and results come fast, other times slower, and even negative. But we sure try to do our best. Believe me - it's zero politics, but if you wanna give it a name, let's call it normal politeness towards our customers 🙂.



  • I have turned off the available notification settings (I don't have wifi on so that one doesn't apply). I'm still getting popups. (I also followed the steps on that youtube channel.

  • Is there anything wrong with Bitdefender and Synology NAS ? I get constant notification with some Synology system files while synchronise files between my desktop and Synology NAS. I've tried every method in this discussion but failed to close it down. Frustrated!!

  • I also am annoyed with all the popups including Safe Pay and Work Profile (I am retired and this one has an Off/On toggle that is grayed out and cannot be turned off) as well as all VPN ads/nag screens on every device. Cannot see how to turn off in Android but did discover a separate Bitdefender VPN "app" in Programs and Features in Windows 10 that can be uninstalled without affecting, as far as I can tell, the rest of Bitdefender Total Security. Only 132 days left in my subscription so I'll see if they fix this.

  • Registering my complaint with this company. I moved off Kaspersky for this software and I've regretted it since the beginning. This is my first and only subscription - when it expires in December I will NOT be renewing because of the incessant NAGGING.

  • Hi @bd_nagging_sucks ,

    Have you tried the above mentioned in this thread to no avail? Please be more specific with what's displeasing on your system and I'll try to provide an answer. Please provide general system specs, OS used, version of Bitdefender product and the notifications which bother you.



  • Just today started getting "Suspicious connection blocked" notification nonstop. Whenever I start watching a show, boom. It comes back. Continue watching and try to close it? Nope. Pops right back up. No clear way to disable it after going through all seven pages of this thread. I'm just trying to spend some free time after both jobs without annoyance and this is not the cherry to my damn day. Canceling if I cannot find a solution that works for me tonight or tomorrow.

  • Hi @Cjm ,

    Please leave here some more details: system spec, OS and what Bitdefender products are you using. A screenshot can be mighty helpful to understand what's bothering you.



  • Instead of being overly complicated about it and insisting on inconveniencing people even further, why not put people in control of their own software. System specs, OS, which version.... Why does that even matter? You get paid, and people get control to enjoy security tailored to their own needs and requirements. It is clear as day from the history of this thread that all that is missing is a choice; which as a developer, I know is extremely easy to offer. Receive notifications, do not disturb. Simple...

    The best antivirus software in my opinion allows you peace of mind without having to throw it in your face 24/7. As a subscribing member of both BitDefender Antivius plus as well as Total security, myself and my wife also do not appreciate the constant popups. Why not consider a similar approach to what mobile applications follow. Ask once and allow people to make a choice about receiving similar notices of the same nature in the future.

    Alternatively, a discreet notification icon in the tray with a badge calling attention to events rather than a popup intruding and drawing your attention away from your area of focus. If you, as user and owner of your computer, do not want to be disturbed at all and option to turn notifications off completely. A global do not disturb mode/profile that you can set might even be an option.

    Imagine the impact when you switch that Do not distrub on for the first time and receive a confirmation message:

    "You will no longer receive any popups and notifications from BitDefender. Remember, you can come back and check on the state of your device and security at any time. A notification icon in your tray will appear for any important alerts. We might be hidden but we still have you covered for all things secirty.... BitDefender, putting you in control of your security"

    Drop mic, shutup and take my money...

    Cmon guys why even debate this further when there are so many simple and quick solutions?

    I have to echo the comments of those who came before me that on completion of my year subscription I too will have to evaluate continuation on not only security features, but also the intrusiveness and flexibility of the offering.

  • Hi,

    Same issue here, win 10 pro, bitdefender internet security.


  • Can we just remove the Work Profile and other Automatic Profiles Notifications please. It really bugs me a lot.

  • Please, let us decide when will we want to see the notifications, keep seeing "Suspicious Connection blocked" is REALLY annoying.

    Not to mention other notifications that we can't disable.

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