How to stop bitdefender popups/notifications





  • I will advise all of my colleagues and business partners to switch to other solutions until this is figured out. We will not be renewing our licences from now on.

  • I'm on a trial for Bitdefender, and this shows me that I absolutely should not purchase this software. This thread is over a year old!! And still you refuse to do anything your constant popups? I left Avast because of their unending, unblockable popup messages, but it looks like Bitdefender is run by people who are just as deeply stupid and greedy.

    A tip for anyone running a business who may be too dumb to not realize this on their own: Stop treating your paying customers like crap. They tend not to like it.

  • We've individual subscriptions for all our employees to use at home and for their families since so many people are working from their home computers now...

    The sheer number of complaints about all the popups, irritating and aggressive ads about subscribing to their VPN services, and all the profile and wifi notifications is astounding. Apart from that we realized a lot of people's software wasn't automatically updating or scanning - which basically is the only thing people are hoping for when installing this software.

    We will be testing out different software and not renewing any employee's subscriptions - this is worse than having malware on your computer because you are paying for it.

  • Ditto... feeling violated

  • This is absolutely shocking that this thread is over a year old and still nothing has been done about this, no solutions, no workarounds, nothing. I'm not going to be renewing my subscription, these pop-ups are insanity.

  • I got a perfect solution, it stopped the high consumption of resources, the slowness, the antivirus and Firewall annoying blocking legitimate software and stopped the firewall asking me every time what to do with a standard windows apps trying to access some ports, and probably they do not have a database of common softwares and their behavior, I am happy now, it did not took awhile to figure out the solution.


  • Adding my voice to this. I won't renew my subscription unless this issue is addressed. Please allow users to control ALL notifications. Perhaps implement a quiet mode, during which only critical notifications are delivered and done so discreetly. Constant notifications interrupt flow.

  • Call Bitdefender customer service at 954 414 9655.

    Depending on the pop up they will advice you disabling something.

    Good Luck

  • I am a new customer, and I don't need this notification. I will go back to the other company, they may cost more but I don't care. Every time I plugin my iPhone to my desktop this stupid thing pops up. Your product team should be fired. You can't resolve your own spam pop ups.

  • Can't believe this still hasn't been changed. Anyone have any suggestions to alternative software suites?

  • Regretting the decision to subscribe to bitdefender...first it took few days of research to know which setting to toggle off for the various notifications and pop-ups. But the thing I couldnt stand was the "suspicious connection blocked" pop-up which comes on when my internet connection is unstable/disconnected. This pop-up will toggle out of the active window, thus I would not be able to get any work done on other applications. The only way to stop these pop-ups is to disable wifi temporarily while waiting for internet connection to reestablish.

  • Always thought of BD as one of the best AV solutions out there but these popups are so intrusive, with no settings available to disable them, that I am uninstalling our paid licenses from all of our machines.

  • I will add my voice to this. I bought Bitdefender based on online reviews. This experience has eroded my confidence in those sites as well. This is a massive problem and a daily annoyance while using this software. Its clearly a widely felt issue too judging by this old thread. It is unbelievable that they still haven't removed notifications or added settings to turn these off. I don't think Ill survive till license expiry, these popus are too annoying.

    Since Bitdefender clearly doesn't care about this issue, I'd like to use this thread to find out some alternates, if that's okay. Can someone please suggest a good replacement AV?

  • BitDefender, please add the option to disable these popups. They are beyond annoying. I won't be renewing my subscription until they're gone.

  • This software is absolutely horrible with the popups. NO, I do not want to use your VPN. Why ask me every time I hook up my GOOD VPN that doesn't harass me?? Please give me my money back!!

  • This software is absolutely horrible with the popups. NO, I do not want to use your VPN. Why ask me every time I hook up my GOOD VPN that doesn't harass me?? Please give me my money back!!

  • I am another person being driven crazy by all the notifications and notice I am paid up until March 2022... which is way too long to put up with this. Why can't this be fixed? I will definitely be changing to another anti-virus next year.

  • I brought this thread to the attention of their Twitter account and they responded they will look into it(the thread), but I see they still have 0 response here. Pathetic. I'm definitely not renewing, but I still have like 10 months of subscription left...

  • Same issue here. Shame on all of the review sites for not mentioning this glaring problem!!!
  • It is incredibly frustrating reading these reviews from a year ago and this simple issue still isn't fixed... The notifications are incessant
  • I'm long time BD user.
    But today it's started popping up a Privacy Threat Blocked every 15 seconds from the IP address of my EERO mesh WiFi.
    And it takes focus away from whatever I'm working on. Including typing this message.
    If I can't stop this then I'll have to bin my remaining 10 months on a 10 device license and try something else.
  • Same here, this was my last key.

    The popups are incessant and stole the cursor focus!!
  • I too, am at my end with all the unneccessary pop up notifications. I installed this software to protect me, not to be the source of my pain. Too aggressive, I already baught your product, stop trying to up sell. Why would anyone want your crappy, data capped VPN. I didn't install it so what gives you the right to install a VPN i don't want just to up sale me. This behavior is going to drive your customers away. Not that you may care but i won't be renewing Bitdefender. I will be seeking an alternative that doesn't feel the need to continually pop up on my screen. Bitdefender your software is behaving like the programs we are paying to block. Lose the adware mentality you are exhibiting.
  • Same here, this was my last key.

    The popups are incessant and stole the cursor focus!!
  • I'm having the same issue with BitDefender popping up notification for products even though the setting is disabled. Lately it is trying to get me to use their VPN service. It is very annoying.
  • Protection - Online Threat Prevention - Encripted Web Scan, switch it off. Helped for me.
  • This is STILL an issue. I don't care if BD moves to "work profile" and NO I don't want to turn on my VPN for every little thing I do. PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!
  • I will not be continuing my subscription. I used this program so I DON'T get annoying pop-ups.
    I'm not interested in buying your VPN or other services, and constantly pushing your advertisements into my paid service is a sure way to ensure I won't be a return customer
  • Protection - Online Threat Prevention - Encripted Web Scan, switch it off. Helped for me.

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