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Lambada Background service notification


Hi, what ist "Lambada Background service notification" in Bitdefender Mobile Security Android? Is it new?


  • Yeah, it appeared to me some days ago. Now I have two floating notifications, one with the logo and other with a simple plain square. I opened Bitdefender notifications and I saw the Lambada Background Service.

    The plain square and the strange name, and the fact that it appeared at some point -it was not there when I installed it, there was no Lambada service at all- made me suspect of a virus inside Bitdefender... So I used Xiaomi Security (AVL & Avast) Malwarebytes... Nothing. Then I uninstalled Bitdefender, installed it again and there was no Lambada. Some days ago it appeared again.

    If it helps, sometimes I get a message of Web Protection turned off. It doesn't worry me too much, since I have the phone set up with a lot of protection systems and probably something is protecting it to and having a conflict with Bitdefender. But now the Lambada makes me think that it could be related.

    I'm really worried. Any help, Bitdefender?


  • Okay! So I've contacted support and it is normal. It is a service that was added in latest update. There is no help in the app about it, but they told me they will add more info in next releases. Phew!


  • I also get this one. What is it?

  • Got this today... not too sure what it is, hope CS will explain a bit more

  • Mike_BD
    Mike_BD admin
    edited November 2021

    Hi @Bennie84 , as our community member said, it is a service added in one of the updates, so you need not worry. It was an issue text-related which was adressed in the latest version. Kindly asking to update to the Bitdefender Mobile Security latest version.



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