Custom scheduled antivirus scans

I have noticed that in BDIS V26.0.3.29 my custom scheduled antivirus scans have recently stopped working. The schedule information was no longer set in my custom scans, so added it again & saved it. The scan date & time is now shown in the antivirus section.

However, the scans are still not running.

Is there a bug in this build version?



    same problem. I hope someone answers.
  • Same issue on both my PC's

    All planned schedules got deleted after latest update (with required restart)

    On one PC I can only get the Quick scan schedule to be saved and actually executed. When I save System or Custom scan schedules, they just disappear after the next PC restart.

    On the other PC I can save Quick, System and Custom scan schedules but they never get executed, even though the schedule remains visible after PC restart.

    Hope this issue gets sorted soon.

  • Bitdefender seems unresponsive on my Mac. Won't scan after I hit scan. When I log in, nothing happens...and I have to log in again. In the upper right menu bar I have the B icon with a little x over it. I uninstalled and reinstalled Bitdefender a few days ago and it seemed to work but 3 days later it's not working again. Bit defender update log says it is receiving daily updates though. The link for enabling Stop light on safari doesn't work either.
  • Same issue here. PCs running Win10. Bitdefender email support not much help.

  • My Weekly Scheduled scans on Sunday morning at 3:00 am have recently stopped working.
    Bitdefender AntiVirus Plus - build
  • Same here. It stopped working about two weeks ago. I did a reinstall/repair but that did not fix the problem. Bitdefender Internet Security build
  • Same issue here. I did a reinstall/repair but it did not fix the problem.
    Bitdefender Internet Security - build
  • Bitdefender support followed up on my email support request today. I tested the scan settings and was able to save the settings and they executed on schedule. Restarted the computer, the settings had been successfully saved and then execute

  • Two days later: I had both a quick scan and a system scan scheduled to run this morning on all my installations (4). None executed on schedule. The scan settings in the antivirus panel appear to be correct/unchanged from two days ago. I ran the scans manually.

  • Hi @Greg_Hollingsworth ,

    Thanks for getting back on this, I will inform dev team about it.

    Stay safe,


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  • > @Mike_BD said:
    > Hi @Greg_Hollingsworth ,
    > Thanks for getting back on this, I will inform dev team about it.
    > Stay safe,
    > Mike

    Thanks, Mike. I've been in touch with Cristian from the dev team via email support.
  • History repeats itself. This issue hasn't occurred for the first time. I filed a ticket for it more than two years ago. They finally fixed it. Now the same glitch has returned.
  • I have the same issue, I reported two years ago, without a solution, I have 3 Pc's, and only can run a scan manually, never was solved the problem

  • Hello,

    Try to reinstall Bitdefender, it should fix this. You can find detailed steps on how to do this by accessing the article below:

    Let us know if this solves the issue. In case scheduled scanning is still not performing as expected, we'll have a closer look.

    Stay safe!

  • Hi @I reinstalled BDIS & reconfigured the scan schedules. None of them ran & BDIS is deleting the scan schedules from its interface. This is exactly the same as the issue that I originally reported in my opening post.
  • mine is BDIS Build and also having the same issue.
  • Hello everyone,

    I hereby confirm this is a known issue and our engineers are currently working towards a solution. We don't have an ETA for the fix, but the teams are doing their very best to deploy the fix in a timely manner.

    Thank you all for reporting your findings, the feedback was very helpful in this ongoing troubleshooting process.

  • dlwmacgregor
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    My weekly scheduled scans have stopped working again after a manual update on December 16 seemed to have fixed the problem. No Scheduled scans have run since December 20. Problem seems to have re-appeared.
  • Does anyone have an update on the problem of scheduled scans not running? I contacted support who suggested I reinstall Bitdefender which I didn't want to do. Then this morning after a windows update one of my scheduled scans ran and as I had to restart my computer I found that it ran a second time. I thought the problem had been solved but when I started the computer up again later today the scan did not run.

    I note that on January 10 Alexandru_BD from admin said that engineers were working on a solution but there was no ETA for a fix.

    Does anyone have any further information?


  • Hi @Whatandwhy,

    There are no news yet, reports are still coming in, cases are gathered and information is being collected by the engineers. So far, we haven't found a solution 😐️

  • dlwmacgregor
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    My Scheduled Scans have now been working since the middle of February after not working for weeks. A scheduled update (Bitdefender) fixed the problem. However I still cannot View the post-scan Log File.

    I run a Weekly Scan on Sunday.