Custom scheduled antivirus scans

I have noticed that in BDIS V26.0.3.29 my custom scheduled antivirus scans have recently stopped working. The schedule information was no longer set in my custom scans, so added it again & saved it. The scan date & time is now shown in the antivirus section.

However, the scans are still not running.

Is there a bug in this build version?


  • zpupster

    same problem. I hope someone answers.
  • Same issue on both my PC's

    All planned schedules got deleted after latest update (with required restart)

    On one PC I can only get the Quick scan schedule to be saved and actually executed. When I save System or Custom scan schedules, they just disappear after the next PC restart.

    On the other PC I can save Quick, System and Custom scan schedules but they never get executed, even though the schedule remains visible after PC restart.

    Hope this issue gets sorted soon.

  • Bitdefender seems unresponsive on my Mac. Won't scan after I hit scan. When I log in, nothing happens...and I have to log in again. In the upper right menu bar I have the B icon with a little x over it. I uninstalled and reinstalled Bitdefender a few days ago and it seemed to work but 3 days later it's not working again. Bit defender update log says it is receiving daily updates though. The link for enabling Stop light on safari doesn't work either.
  • Same issue here. PCs running Win10. Bitdefender email support not much help.

  • My Weekly Scheduled scans on Sunday morning at 3:00 am have recently stopped working.
    Bitdefender AntiVirus Plus - build
  • cmac410
    Same here. It stopped working about two weeks ago. I did a reinstall/repair but that did not fix the problem. Bitdefender Internet Security build
  • cmac410
    Same issue here. I did a reinstall/repair but it did not fix the problem.
    Bitdefender Internet Security - build
  • Bitdefender support followed up on my email support request today. I tested the scan settings and was able to save the settings and they executed on schedule. Restarted the computer, the settings had been successfully saved and then execute

  • Two days later: I had both a quick scan and a system scan scheduled to run this morning on all my installations (4). None executed on schedule. The scan settings in the antivirus panel appear to be correct/unchanged from two days ago. I ran the scans manually.

  • Mike_BD

    Hi @Greg_Hollingsworth ,

    Thanks for getting back on this, I will inform dev team about it.

    Stay safe,


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  • > @Mike_BD said:
    > Hi @Greg_Hollingsworth ,
    > Thanks for getting back on this, I will inform dev team about it.
    > Stay safe,
    > Mike

    Thanks, Mike. I've been in touch with Cristian from the dev team via email support.
  • History repeats itself. This issue hasn't occurred for the first time. I filed a ticket for it more than two years ago. They finally fixed it. Now the same glitch has returned.
  • I have the same issue, I reported two years ago, without a solution, I have 3 Pc's, and only can run a scan manually, never was solved the problem

  • Alexandru_BD


    Try to reinstall Bitdefender, it should fix this. You can find detailed steps on how to do this by accessing the article below:

    Let us know if this solves the issue. In case scheduled scanning is still not performing as expected, we'll have a closer look.

    Stay safe!

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  • Hi @I reinstalled BDIS & reconfigured the scan schedules. None of them ran & BDIS is deleting the scan schedules from its interface. This is exactly the same as the issue that I originally reported in my opening post.
  • heybabe
    mine is BDIS Build and also having the same issue.
  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello everyone,

    I hereby confirm this is a known issue and our engineers are currently working towards a solution. We don't have an ETA for the fix, but the teams are doing their very best to deploy the fix in a timely manner.

    Thank you all for reporting your findings, the feedback was very helpful in this ongoing troubleshooting process.

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  • dlwmacgregor
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    My weekly scheduled scans have stopped working again after a manual update on December 16 seemed to have fixed the problem. No Scheduled scans have run since December 20. Problem seems to have re-appeared.
  • Whatandwhy

    Does anyone have an update on the problem of scheduled scans not running? I contacted support who suggested I reinstall Bitdefender which I didn't want to do. Then this morning after a windows update one of my scheduled scans ran and as I had to restart my computer I found that it ran a second time. I thought the problem had been solved but when I started the computer up again later today the scan did not run.

    I note that on January 10 Alexandru_BD from admin said that engineers were working on a solution but there was no ETA for a fix.

    Does anyone have any further information?


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hi @Whatandwhy,

    There are no news yet, reports are still coming in, cases are gathered and information is being collected by the engineers. So far, we haven't found a solution 😐️

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  • dlwmacgregor
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    My Scheduled Scans have now been working since the middle of February after not working for weeks. A scheduled update (Bitdefender) fixed the problem. However I still cannot View the post-scan Log File.

    I run a Weekly Scan on Sunday.

  • The quick scan and long scan say they are running for hours without any results!!! Is this problem fixed or not????

  • [Deleted User]
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    @Ilittle ,

    Welcome to the Bitdefender Forums. You have appended your post to a very old topic. In future, you might want to open a new topic for your issues since, from what you wrote, I am suspicious that your scans were not "custom scheduled" scans to which this old topic refers.

    A Quick Scan on my computer (185 GB) takes about five minutes, and a System Scan takes about 20 - 25 minutes. I have not seen any recent reports of this issue.

    If you could let us know which product you are using and some basic computer specs, plus the OS version, we would be better able to assist you.

    Have you tried doing a repair installation?

    I hope this helps. Have a great day.



  • I reloaded bitdefender and it works on my laptop (take hours for a scan). But does not work on my phone.

  • Alexandru_BD
    Alexandru_BD admin
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    If the scan is still taking too long to complete, you might want to exclude the archives, especially if they are very large, or to ignore archives greater than x mb.

    The speed of a System Scan depends on many factors such as system specifications, large volumes of data, the computer resources in use by another software, it’s the first scan since installing Bitdefender, and most importantly, the number of archives & over-compressed files/backups. With every system scan, Bitdefender will index the files that have already been scanned, and the scan time will greatly decrease.

    To speed up a System Scan, if system resources are not a concern, the following solution may be considered: run the scan in high priority mode. This will instruct Bitdefender to compete for system resources on equal terms to other programs and decrease the time needed for the scan process to finish.

    1. Click the Protection menu on the left side of the Bitdefender interface.

    2. In the Antivirus panel, click Open.

    3. Click the ••• button next to System Scan, then choose Edit.

    4. In the Manage Scans window, use the drop-down menu to change Scan task priority from Low to High.

    5. Click Next, then click Save.

    6. Press Run Scan and wait for the system scan to end.

    After making the above changes, you should notice that the Bitdefender scan is no longer taking an unreasonable amount of time to finalize.

    Let us know if the scan times improve afterwards.

    In regards to Mobile Protection, can you specify what exactly doesn't work and what are the symptoms?



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