How to stop bitdefender popups/notifications



  • I got contacted about a Class Action Lawsuit being explored along with a list of potential plaintiffs.

  •  The main problem is that i cant write a document while this antivirus notifications opens OVER everything makeing me stop my work to click in close that. Its very anoying, i recognize that is the best AV in the market but right now its impossible to renew my plan because is really affecting my productivity.

     Looking the date of this topic, im simply unistalling it and using OS's prebuild solution.

  • I've discovered what is hapenning:

    My cloud service (Onedrive) is trying to sync a infected file from my backup to an temp folder, then when the download of that is complete, the AV remove the file from temp folder until the cloud app restart the download. So the notification window open up in a inteval of time that this file is downloaded again, again and again. Solved the problem removing the infected file from my cloud service.
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  • Oh my goodness someone admits to being a BD Admin read a sort of boquet and responded (on back legs in air emoji not provided)

    How about stiring someone into fixing all the brickbats like the bloatware, and whatever drops the app password within a short period of reinstalling BD to fix the loss of app password....preventing file changes from being fixed ☠️

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    We're working on many fronts, @Eleni33 , but , as you see proof in @MaiconDouglasdeSouza , we have to thouroughly look into each discussion.

    Intel Quad 6600 on LGA 775, running perfectly for 10 years a Windows 7 Ultimate