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Policy blocking printing to Ricoh printer

linuxknight ✭✭
edited May 2022 in Enterprise Security

Greetings all, new BDGZ user here, one of our managed companies has a Ricoh C3503 Copier/Printer device. Since deploying default rules with the BEST endpoint the users can no longer print. I was able to verify it was something with the firewall by cloning the default policy and deploying one with the firewall enabled. Once disabled the users could print again. Obviously thats not the ideal situation so I looked on Ricohs website and determined all the possible ports it could use, and created a rule accordingly. That still didnt allow for printing. Next I created a rule that allowed unfettered communication in the LOCAL section for the printers IP address to allow ports 1-65353. Still no printing.

Im wondering if Im creating the rule wrong or Im doing something else incorrectly. I figured I would reach out to the community before scrapping the endpoint on this particular customer. Of all 42 managed customers we have using BEST, this is the first time we have encountered any issues.

Thanks for any tips


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