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family pack....Can one of my family member hack my accounts on my pc!!! payoneer and paypal....


Can one of my family member hack my accounts on my pc!!! payoneer and paypal....


  • tourky

    i mean the one who controls the activation process.

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    @tourky ,

    Welcome to the Bitdefender Forums. Your computer cannot be hacked via Bitdefender. The "Family Pack" just adds licences for the specified number of users. The user who purchased the Family Pack can see in his/her Central Account which computers are actively licensed, but except for viewing protection status and logs or deactivating your BD product, s/he cannot access your computer files or passwords using Bitdefender.

    If they have physical or remote access to your computer, they might be able to hack it, but that is completely independent of Bitdefender. If that member, with physical or remote access, drops a Trojan or keylogger on your computer with the intent to hack it, Bitdefender will detect that threat and eliminate it either via scanning or when the malware program goes active. Bitdefender provides many layers of security.

    I am pinging @Alexandru_BD , the Forum Administrator. He may wish to respond to reassure you and explain all of the protection Bitdefender provides.

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    Just to add to what @garioch7 said, it might be the same answer but in a different way or with some additional information.

    Bitdefender Family Pack is a security solution for all devices in a household. It includes features like antivirus, firewall, ransomware protection, and safeguards against network, website, and email threats. However, the security of your personal accounts on platforms like Payoneer and PayPal also depends on your own practices, such as using strong, unique passwords and not sharing them with others.

    When you share the Bitdefender Family Pack subscription with family members, each device protected by the subscription is connected to the Bitdefender online central account, which is usually under the email of the person who bought the subscription (in most cases). Family members cannot access your personal Bitdefender Central account unless you share your login credentials with them.

    Information on Bitdefender Central:

    Anti-theft feature of Bitdefender for Android via Bitdefender Central:

    Anti-theft feature of Bitdefender for Windows via Bitdefender Central:

    To check all the features yourself, you can go to your online Bitdefender Central account, and log in with your respective login details:


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  • tourky

    Thank you very much for your explanation, I appreciate it 🤩

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