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  • thanks for your advice Roxana G,everything went smooth with os upgrade and reinstalling bdts and bd central says i still have my 1 slot available.
  • thanks for reply Roxana G.i kinda thought that's what i should do,i just didn't want to lose my last subscription slot on same computer.
  • Thanks cee_naa for the updated information and AntonyMagnus I also very concerned about the updates.
  • 49 minutes ago, AntonyMagnus said: I have updates set to 12 hour intervals due to the fact that Bitdefender updates interfere with my gaming. Now I usually update manually when I feel the need, now I am getting no updates at all since September 2nd according to Bitdefenders notification interface. I get database is out of…
  • all my computers have all received build today aug. 13 2018,thru regular update channel.
  • Thanks for your reply Bill_k.I may try bitdefender central route,but i was hoping they would receive the newest build thru regular update channel.I'm not having no major problems with any of the builds and may wait a little longer for the updates.
  • I hope this is the right place to post this question.I have 6 windows 7 64bit computers which 2 are on bitdefender total security build, 3 of my computers on bitdefender build, and 1 on bitdefender build'm guessing this is newest build.I was wondering has anyone else received this build as…
  • Yes Columbo I have now received build on my last computer and it seems like everything is ok.The slow updates seemed to be fixed on all my systems.
    in Slow updates Comment by tf44 April 2018
  • I did the same on my one computer as you did Fenderman1 that did not get the build and after all updates finished i'm still on build had 5 windows 7 64 bit computers that did update to build and this 1 that didn't and it is also windows 7 64 bit computer.That's what I don't…
    in Slow updates Comment by tf44 April 2018
  • I also have Bitdefender Total Security 2018 on 6 windows 7 64 bit computers,5 of them updated to build of my computers still has not updated too build and is still on build is and Bitdefender is saying I am up to date since April 10 2018.
    in Slow updates Comment by tf44 April 2018
  • Many thanks Sorin G.That fixed the problem for me.
  • Thanks for your reply and fix from support,but it did not work for me.I tried it and rebooted computer and also in safe mode.The computer took the commands and unregistered regsvr32 /u bdshellext.dll with success and registered regsvr32 bdshellext.dll with success,but still not in menu.I hope it worked for you and anyone…
  • Many thanks Reza@bb for reply.Hopefully they will get it fixed soon.
  • I switched network adapter to public from dynamic and the default application behavior stays on desired setting.everything seems to be running nicely.sorry to bother you guys and can close thread if you want too.
  • I just noticed that the default application behavior switches from block to automatic when I connect to or disconnect from vpn service.
  • yes all my systems now have updated and required a reboot. now running build
  • i have 6 windows 7 systems with total security 2017 and they are doing the same as you described in your post. all 6 of my systems are windows 7 64bit.
  • os: win 7 home premium x64,bitdefender ts,i did same thing. repair, uninstall & reinstall.paranoid mode works till i reboot,then everything is allowed,even the programs i blocked are allowed.paranoid mode says it is enabled,but it is not working.
  • I also experience the same problem. This temporary fix works for me: 1. go into safemode, open Bitdefender folder, change the name of the file 'bdtl.dll' to 'bdtl.dl_' 2. edit the file 'update_components.xml' by changing <Product enabled="1" to <Product enabled="0" 3. restart and see if this works I'm quite disappointed in…
  • Hi all, Good news. Due to the many requests received from our customers, we are reimplementing Paranoid Mode in Bitdefender 2015. We don't have an ETA build version yet. Thank you for your patience. This is very good news.Thanks alot Bitdefender.
  • Has there been improvements to the engine (better detection, cleaning etc) in 2015 vs 2014 product? Or is it mostly better UI wrapped around the same scanner? I have BDTS 2014 but use the basic features. I don't use the vault or secure pay etc. Just realtime scanning with mostly default settings. It it worth the time to…
  • thanks Georgia for replying and clearing up what had happened to paranoid mode,also to everyone who replied,thanks.I also would like to see paranoid mode added back.I still think Bitdefender is the best and hope you guys consider adding paranoid mode back or some other allow or deny option for the firewall.thanks again for…
  • Thanks for your replies and help columbo.Just wanted you to know I appreciate you and your time.I will continue to use BDTS as my problem is no deal breaker.
  • No you're fine columbo and thanks for your reply.I had BDIS 2013 on my computer,with time left on the subscription,but wanted to put BDTS 2013 on my system.I should have left well enough alone and put BDTS on hers.One more question if I may.My system is 32bit and hers is 64bit and the installer should install the right…
  • Thanks for your reply columbo.Yes I had BDIS 2013 and I also uninstalled it by control panel and rebooted,then ran ccleaner and BD uninstall tool and rebooted,then ran ccleaner and installed BDTS 2013.I wanted to install BDIS 2013 on my daughter's computer because it's only good for 1 computer.I got a good price for BDTS…
  • Hello guys,I had same problem as azul,but only in firefox 6.0.2 browser.It's only some pages like google news,espn,espn3 are some of the pages that don't load properly.In other browsers Opera 11.51,IE 9,Maxthon pages load properly on my system.Vista Home Premium sp/2 32 bit.I really prefer ff browser,but I like…
  • Thanks DanyDan for reply.Sorry it has took so long for me to reply.I removed Glary Utilities and BD Total Security installed and now is working fine.Love your guys security software.
  • I also have the same little bug and it does go away.I'm running Vista home premium sp/2 and bd av anti-virus 2010.Really like this new version of bitdefender and hope it works with windows 7. I'll be doing a in-place upgrade and was wondering if I should diable real time protection when I do it.Thanks and sorry for getting…
  • I'm running it on build 7100 with no issues. Thanks bradly1101 for info. Sounds good to me.
  • I'm running Vista home premium sp/2 and had bd 2009 anti-virus delete vundofix.exe I've had vundofix.exe for a while and this just happened yesterday 19 may 2009 called it Trojan.Generic. 1812826 love bitdefender just hope my computer is still clean.
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